Cornwall: Acts 435

Acts 435 is a revolutionary website that allows people to give money directly to others. 100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. If you GiftAid your donation, it helps towards the running costs of the charity.

When so many people need so much help, giving can sometimes feel hit and miss, and choosing between charities can be hard. Acts 435 puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable virtual, online giving.

Acts 435 runs through a network of churches and charities that are recruited directly and through key partners like Christians Against Poverty and Trussell Trust. They appoint an Acts 435 representative, called the Advocate, who is trained by Acts 435 and then posts requests directly onto our website for people in their community who are in need.

100% of donor funds go directly to the person or people donors choose to support. All administration costs are covered by Gift Aid. Acts 435 provides direct giving and seeks to provide fast, financial help to the people in need. Advocates have an opportunity to send thank you messages to the donors who gave to the requests they posted, explaining how their gift made a difference to the beneficiary.

You can give to Acts 435 in other ways including Charities Aid Foundation and Stewardship (see right hand column of our Give Now page) but we encourage donors to visit our website and choose the requests they particularly want to support to provide the direct people-to-people giving that characterises our model.

Visit for the current list of Acts 435 partners in Cornwall, which includes:

All Saints Church Highertown, Truro

Cornwall Deaf Church, Camborne

Highway Church (Penryn and Falmouth  only), Penryn

Light and Life Church, Bodmin

Liskeard Parochial Church Council, Liskeard

St Luke’s, Boscoppa, St Austell

St. Peter’s Church , Mevagissey

Transformation CPR, Camborne

Wadebridge Foodbank, Wadebridge

ACTS 435, The Gateway Centre, Acomb, York, YO24 3BZ
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The Gathering for Racial Justice : 3 Jul, London

The President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and ministers of colour are calling on all Ministers and Believers of goodwill to join the Ministers of Colour to protest against racial injustices in our society. On Friday 3rd July 2020 we want everyone to arrive at 12 noon.

Christian Ministers from across the country will be gathering in Parliament Square to press the government to implement the over 200 recommendations regarding racial equality made by successive governments.

This is a peaceful demonstration by Christians and is supported by several denominations and movements, we respectfully ask that there be no defacing of statues or any kind of violence.
We recognise that all human beings are made in the image of God, we therefore recognise that at this time the issue of racial inequality is being highlighted and want to stand with all those who have suffered it in our nation. We want to stand with the younger generations who have bravely been making their voice heard on this issue, and we publicly thank the millennials and Generation Z for raising their voices. We wish to stand with them for racial justice.

As in the example of the parable of the 99 sheep and the one who goes missing, we recognise that now is a time to focus on the one sheep that is hurting and needs help (Luke 15: 3).
We are protesting against Parliaments failure to act on the recommendations for change that have already been highlighted by successive governments.

Organising Team
Rev Yinka Oyekan – President Baptist Union of Great Britain (Reading)
Rev Alex Afriyie – Chair of Directors of the London Baptist Association (London)
Rev David Ellis – Heart of England Baptist Association
Bishop Mike Royal – Co CEO Cinnamon Network UK / Apostolic Pastoral Congress (Birmingham)
Rev Comfort Adejoh Pastor at Salem international Christian center Edinburgh (Edinburgh)

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End Hunger Cornwall

End Hunger Cornwall – working with the Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum and End Hunger UK to promote awareness and provide positive input in helping to end the very real problem of food poverty withi Cornwall.

Promoting awareness of issues surrounding Food Poverty throughout Cornwall and facilitating positive change to support people away from Food Insecurity.

Andrew Howell writes:

Around eighteen months ago I started doing some voluntary work for the long established Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum who were keen to look at looking into the issue of food insecurity and food poverty throughout Cornwall. It didn’t take very long to see from the immediate evidence that the issue was much more significant than we had ever realised. Given that we had been working with poverty and social inclusion for over twenty five years and the fact that even we found the data completely staggering, it was clear that something needed to be done.

Niall Cooper had visited Cornwall in 2017 giving a presentation about End Hunger and we felt that it was a fantastic campaign to align ourselves with. It goes straight to the heart of the core issues and works hard to question those at the highest level about why hunger is allowed to persist and grow in this apparently wealthy economy. However, we also realised that Cornwall has very many unique challenges due to it’s geography, demographic and severe poverty (areas of Cornwall are constantly in the top three poorest areas in Europe). The challenges we face here are very different to those in London, Manchester, Birmingham, etc.. End Hunger UK has given us the voice to put our specific case forward at the highest level and, following the initial success of our campaign, has been very supportive of the setting up of End Hunger Cornwall.

After a fantastic launch conference in Nov 2019 (read the report here), we will continue to work to compliment End Hunger UK by challenging those who can make the difference to actually do so. It is a big ask, but together we will continue Acting Now to End Hunger in the UK.

Andrew Howell

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Environment Champions 4 : 14 or 22 Aug, ONLINE

Open to all in the Diocese of Truro

A place to air your views, hear the latest and share activity in your Parish. EC3 feedback; enormously encouraging, mightily put together!

The most important thing to do when growing alongside this life changing topic, is to be able to air your views, work things through and have a safe place to do that. Here it is. With General Synod voting to go Carbon Neutral by 2030, ALL are encouraged to attend these bi-monthly events (the frequency has been chosen by current Env Champs), held by Luci Isaacson, Diocesan Enviornment Officer. Some think they have to be asked, or have to be appointed to come, you don’t, if you go to Church, you are warmly invited. ALL are at risk; we have ways to prepare, ALL have an opportunity; we have pathways to follow to lessen the problem but enjoy a different way of life and ALL need to work things through; we welcome you.

NOTE: To catch up, before you attend, please give time (1hr 22) to watch Env Champ 3, that gives you the foundation you need to go forward.

EARLY BOOKERS will have names put on the ENV CHAMP BEAVER FIELD TRIP list, for when it is safe to attend!

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Draw Back Your Curtains for the Children : 15 Jun, AT HOME

We have made a commitment to continue to pray especially for children on the 15th of each month during the pandemic. Please will you join us on 15th June?
Please pray for children’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Pray for their home life and the impact of school closures, many not having any contact with other children. Pray also that children will still have opportunities to encounter Jesus during these challenging days.
Let’s join together to pray blessings upon children in the name that is above all names.

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The Big Music Sunday Service : 14 Jun, ONLINE

Music Sunday — 14th June 2020
Join us in celebrating the role of music and musicians in church life in a special service streamed live at 6pm on YouTube

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Quiet Day At Home : 18 Jun, AT HOME

Perhaps some of you are thinking that you have had too many of these recently, but since people cannot meet together for one of Degibna Prayer Chapel’s occasional Quiet Days, the Revd Andrew Hill would like to invite you to share in a Quiet Day at Home. This could be done on any convenient day, but if most people are able to use the same day, participants can be together in time if not in place.

June is Bible Month ( and this year people are encouraged to focus on the book of Ruth. What a wonderful focus for a Quiet Day! Mark Greene writes, “Ruth is one of those books whose riches never seem to run out. You can read it in 10 minutes and relish it for a lifetime.”

So please join with Degibna on Thursday, June 18 (or a day nearby) for this Quiet Day at Home, 10.30am – 3.30pm.

This is going to be a low-tech Quiet Day (no Zoom etc.) but couples can share in this together or, if you are on your own, you can arrange with a friend to phone between sessions and so share the experience. A simple sheet will be prepared with suggested timings, questions for reflection and suggestions how to use the quiet times. Please contact Revd Andrew Hill to register (Tel: 01326 569803 – email: and he will email or post the information sheet. Unlimited numbers can apply!

If the day is successful, Degibna may consider offering an ‘at home’ version of future Quiet Days for those who cannot attend. Further resources can be found on their website:

Climate Change: Church and Green Recovery : 9 Jun, ONLINE

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) will be hosting a webinar featuring the Director of Climate Stewards; Caroline Pomeroy and James Buchanan, Bright Now Campaign Manager from Operation Noah, who will be discussing how Church communities can play their part in shaping and campaigning for a Green Recovery to address Climate Change.

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Counting the Cost of Coronavirus : 4 Jun, ONLINE

With the right strategy, churches can help improve the outcome for those experiencing financial hardship right now.

The financial challenges facing our communities are far more complex and overwhelming than we have ever experienced, but we believe the Church is well placed to respond. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in the UK jumped by more than 856,000 in April, the first full month of the coronavirus lockdown.

Helplines have been inundated with queries from people who are confused about their options, including a growing number who find themselves unable to access government support schemes.

Demand for support is set to increase exponentially this summer as payment holidays and state-backed furlough schemes come to an end and redundancies increase.

Join our Cinnamon Connect Webinar where we’ll explore what churches can do to help those experiencing financial hardship now and in the months ahead.

On Thursday 4 June at 11 am Nick Amis, from Cinnamon Network will be talking to Jenny Herrera, Executive Director of Acts 435; Heather Keates, CEO of Community Money Advice; and Paula Stringer, CEO of CAP UK.

Nick, Jenny, Heather and Paula will be discussing:

What financial challenges are people currently facing

  • How are financial needs likely to change over the next few months
  • What can churches do to support individuals and families
  • What organisations and tools are available to help churches respond


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What can the #Coronavirus pandemic teach us about responding to Climate Emergency. A Christian perspective : 28 May, ONLINE

We are delighted to confirm that Margot and Martin Hodson, a couple of renowned Chritian speakers and educators on issues of faith, sustainability and science, will be giving a Zoom talk entitled:

What can the #Coronavirus pandemic teach us about responding to Climate Emergency. A Christian perspective.

Margot is an associate vicar, theologian, researcher and educator working within the field of environmental theology. She is a former chaplain at Jesus College, Oxford and is Director of Theology and Education at the John Ray Initiative.

Martin is a plant scientist and climate change expert who holds a variety of research and educational roles, including a visiting research post at Oxford Brookes University, membrsio at the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford and he is also Operations Manager at John Ray Initiative.

For further information about the John Ray Initiative see:

To learn more about Margot and Martin please visit their websites at

Questions welcome both on the day of the talk in Zoom chat and via email

Please join us in Zoom

The talk has been organised by Green Christians in Worcester.

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