Pause for Prayer

13 Jan 21

Good News

  • Roll out of Covid vaccine and approval of Moderna vaccine.
  • Booker prize shortlist of 6 had 4 women and 4 of colour.
  • Renewables had a record year last year.
  • Several supermarkets introduced a plastic free range of Christmas this year.

For Reflection and Prayer

  • The Covid pandemic has highlighted and increased the inequality among peoples, the “have nots” shown to be at considerable disadvantage with regard to poverty, health and wellbeing.
  • The inauguration of the new President of the USA on 20th January and the enormous task of creating stability and justice in the USA. 
  • 300 million Christians in more than 70 countries are being persecuted. Our responsibility to pray for them and support the NGOs working on their behalf, and for our church congregations to do likewise.
  • We thank God for this coming Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. May we participate in the 24/7 Prayer and the daily services on line.  

06 Jan 21

Good News

  • Electronic Waste
    • On the rubbish heaps of Africa, entrepreneurs are giving new life to discarded electronics (in Europe, 42% of electronic waste is recycled; in Africa only 17%).
    • In the EU , electronic devices will have to be made easier to repair under new rules.
  • Health
    • The lowest ever number of deaths from Malaria have been recorded.
    • Since 2000, 60 million deaths from TB have been averted.
    • Africa has now been declared free of all wild Polio.
  • Isles of Scilly
    • A drone  has carried supplies from the British mainland to the Islands for the first time ever.
    • Drone freight services are technically feasible and  have potential to deliver time-sensitive and high value items for the island community.

For Reflection and Prayer

  • Rough sleeping may be a reason for deporting immigrants and asylum seekers from the UK.
  • That food security may be of major concern to our government, and the reasons for food insecurity be alleviated.
  • We pray especially for all those with mental health issues who are so adversely affected by lockdown measures, for those who have lost jobs and those bereaved or suffering the long term effects of the Corona virus.
  • Pray for the Yemen – Prayers for our sisters and brothers in the Yemen are needed as violence escalates. Pray that efforts will be made to find solutions that will allow peace to return.

We are happy to be able now to resume our monthly Justice & Peace Action Group meetings using Zoom. All are welcome – please email for the link.

Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month at 2pm, and  with a coffee break will finish by 3.30pm, starting on Tuesday 12th January

The first part of this meeting will focus on Justice issues with regard to Indigenous Peoples.

After the coffee break we will focus on prayer for Persecuted Christians.

Mary Bradley

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