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20 Oct 2021

A Statement and Prayer regarding the death of Sir David Amess MP

from the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Sonia Hicks and Barbara Easton following the death of Sir David Amess MP on 15 October:

“Sir David Amess MP was a faithful and dedicated public servant for many years. He was well known to the Methodist family locally and widely respected. We offer our deep condolences to his family, colleagues, friends and constituents. This senseless act of violence is appalling, and we extend our prayers to all who have been affected by it.”

Gracious God

We are thankful for all those who give their lives to public service; we are deeply saddened when it comes at such cost. Be with all who loved the late David Amess MP and especially with his family at this awful time. 

Lord, we pray for all those affected by this violent act. May your comforting love and healing grace be with them all.

In Christ’s name we pray.



13 Oct 2021

A prayer Anti-Slavery Day (18 October)

Lord, you are a God who sets the captives free.

Your Spirit searches restlessly for those in despair,
that they may find the life you are calling them to.

We pray for those who are being trafficked and callously put to work in our region.

On the cross, you were powerless and subject to the cruelty of others.
Look with mercy on those who suffer this way.

May we, who are blinded by the shallow distractions of daily life,
feel the fear of the cornered and be roused to action.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Clewer Initiative


06 Oct 2021

A prayer for Black History Month

I Dream a World

I dream a world where man
No other man will scorn,
Where love will bless the earth
And peace its paths adorn
I dream a world where all
Will know sweet freedom’s way,
Where greed no longer saps the soul
Nor avarice blights our day.
A world I dream where black or white,
Whatever race you be,
Will share the bounties of the earth
And every man is free,
Where wretchedness will hang its head
And joy, like a pearl,
Attends the needs of all mankind-
Of such I dream, my world!

Langston Hughes


29 Sep 2021

Nicky Gumbel – Vicar, Holy Trinty Brompton

22 Sep 2021

posted by Reconciling Leaders Network

15 Sep 2021

A Prayer for Climate Change
We know that whatever emotions we might be feeling about the climate crisis, we have a God who hears us and who we can talk to about anything. Here’s a prayer written by Andy Atkins, CEO of A Rocha UK. You can also hear it read aloud by Andy here.

A short chat with God about climate change. 
Heavenly Father, we’re anxious about Climate Breakdown.
It’s already causing wildfires, crop failures, killer heatwaves and floods.
We’re angry: it’s so unfair, hitting the poorest hardest,
Adding to human conflict and compounding nature’s struggles.

From youngsters to grandparents, we need some hope:
To see governments stopping the bad stuff and driving the good,
A fair transition to a low carbon economy, a nature-friendly way, 
Acting boldly on the science; no more denial or delay!

And this year,  Heavenly Father, the climate summit will be in the UK too 
It’s exciting and daunting: what should your people do?

We will praise you for your creation; commit our churches to act;
Work together across neighbourhoods and nations;
And call all leaders to be bold, just, honest with the facts; 
So, help us, Heavenly Father, to worship, act and speak up.

Yes, we will worship, act and speak up.


08 Sep 2021

Thank you, Father,
that the willing sacrifice of Jesus for us
teaches us that we only truly come alive
as we serve others willingly,
without hope of reward,
wanting their highest good
and their richest blessing.

Martin Payne – Bible Reading Fellowship


01 Sep 2021

A prayer for the Season of Creation – download

Hope, a state of mind, not a state of the world

Forgive us that in your name, so often,
we seek the joy of success and are
only willing to invest in enterprises
that are obviously headed to an early success.
Instead, fill us with your sort of deep and powerful hope,
which rejects a fragile optimism that things will turn out for the best
and replaces it with the conviction that our journey with you makes sense
regardless of how it seems to turn out.

Walton (no copyright)

based on words from Havel, 1990, Disturbing the Peace: A Conversation with Karel Huizdala, Havel, 1990 New York: Nation Books.

from a collection by Green Christian

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