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29 May 2024

A prayer for voters, as we see and hear about the General Election on the news, and as candidates, churches and individuals prepare to engage.

Loving God, we face a choice.

Be with us as we consider the options

weigh the arguments

and assess the claims and the candidates.

But also prompt us to listen:

to the voices on the margins

to the cry of the earth

and to those who reach a different conclusion to us.

God, we pray that you would

stimulate our minds

stir our hearts

and sanctify our choosing.

Help us also to remember

your command to love our neighbours

both during and after this election.


Joint Public Issues Team

22 May 2024

A prayer for Laudato Si’ Week 2024 (May 19-26)

This year’s Laudato Si’ Week theme is inspired by the symbol for Season of Creation 2024, “firstfruits.” Let us be seeds of hope in our lives and our world, rooted in faith and love.

A Prayer for the Care of our Planet

O Earth, source of life and beauty,
we ask your forgiveness for the damage we have caused
and we promise to care for you with love and respect.
Give us the strength and wisdom
to take concrete actions that will protect your fragility
and promote harmony among all living beings.
May our hands be instruments of healing and restoration,
and may our decisions reflect
a deep commitment to your well-being
and that of generations to come. Amen.

Seeds of Hope

15 May 2024

A Prayer for Christian Aid Week

08 May 2024

A prayer for VE day (8 May)

Lord God our Father,

we pledge ourselves to serve you and all humankind,

in the cause of peace,

for the relief of want and suffering,

and for the praise of your name.

Guide us by your Spirit;

give us wisdom;

give us courage;

give us hope;

and keep us faithful now and always.


Church of England

01 May 2024

24 Apr 2024

A Prayer for Messy Church – 20 years old this month, written by Martyn Payne:

Holy Spirit of God,
whose energy and gifts equip us to share the good news of Jesus,
strengthen local Messy Church teams as they plan their services,
granting them ideas for activities,
inspiration for celebrations
and grace for the welcome and the meal,
so that adults and children might be drawn
into a community of faith, hope and love,
centred on Christ.

17 Apr 2024

A Prayer for Earth Day (22 Apr)

Thank you, God, for people of faith for whom love of creation and care for God’s world is a core piece of their identity and their faith in the Lord, and who are using their creative gifts to reduce reliance on plastics and encourage others to bravely go against the flow.

from Plastic Jesus: Real Faith in a Synthetic World, pg. 18.

10 Apr 2024

A prayer written by Martyn Payne:
Speak to us, Lord,
between rest and work,
between work and sleep,
between busyness and silence,
between silence and words,
between getting ready and going out,
between coming home and settling down,
that from these spaces in our lives
we might grow into fullness of life,
every moment of our days.

03 Apr 2024

An Easter prayer written by Martyn Payne:

27 Mar 2024

20 Mar 2024

Prayer for Haiti

Haiti is in the midst of an escalating humanitarian crisis as gang violence spirals in the country. According to the United Nations, over 5 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Like you, we are heartbroken and grieve alongside those who are suffering. 

For 30 years, World Relief has partnered with Haitian churches to renew Haiti’s beauty and strength. Please join us in prayer for Haitians and for World Relief Haiti. 

Lord, you taught us the importance of faith. Scripture teaches us to believe that we have received whatever we ask for in prayer, and it will be ours. 

So, we pray for peace and provision in Haiti, believing that You are already at work in the midst of the crisis.

Surround Haitians with your protection, Lord. Bless those who are suffering — may they feel the warmth of your embrace.

We pray for a peaceful handover of governmental authority and re-stabilization in the country.

Lord, strengthen and guide us as we continue to support people in the country.

Help us to continue reflecting your light in Haiti.

We lift our prayer to you,

Lord, hear us.


13 Mar 2024

Pax Christi England and Wales

06 Mar 2024

A beautiful prayer to reflect on for International Women’s Day (Fri 8 Mar):

Lord, make me an instrument of peace:

Bless all women who daily strive to bring peace to their communities, their homes and their hearts. Give them strength to continue to turn swords into ploughshares.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love:

We pray for all women who face prejudice, inequality and gender disparities. Help us to see and to face the discrimination against women in all the many forms it may take.

Where there is injury, pardon:

Comfort all women who suffer from the pain of war, violence, and abuse. Help them to become instruments of their own reconciliation and peace.

Where there is division, unity:

Forgive all women and men who let differences breed hate and discrimination. Let your example of valuing all of creation help us to see that we are equal partners in the stewardship of your world.

Where there is darkness, light; where there is untruth, truth:

Comfort all women who struggle in the darkness of abuse, poverty, and loneliness. May we stand with them in light to acknowledge their suffering and strive to remove the burdens of shame or embarrassment.

Where there is doubt, true faith:

We pray for all women who live in fear of their husbands, fathers, and forces that control their lives. Help them to be empowered to be their true selves through your everlasting love and faith.

Where there is despair, hope:

We pray for all women who live in the despair of poverty, violence, trafficking, slavery, and abuse. May the light of your love bring them hope.

Where there is sadness, new joy:

Help us to see the strength and goodness in all women and men.
Transform our hearts to celebrate the love and grace of all people.


Source: via Tearfund

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