Take part in the Cornwall Active Travel Challenge this June

The Active Travel Challenge is a great way to get active this June!

This is your online tool to get motivated and challenge yourself to walk, wheel, run, scoot, cycle, car share, or take public transport for more of your everyday journeys from 1 to 30 June.

Join people across Cornwall leaving their car at home and do something for your well-being, wallet and the world.

What is the Challenge?

Everyone living or working in Cornwall can take part. We are especially keen to see organisations and workplaces in Cornwall taking part, creating teams and encouraging others to take part. Compete as an individual, or take part with your colleagues and friends, set targets, and encourage each other.

The Challenge is free to join, and simple to take part in. Log any journey whether it’s your regular commute, trip to the shops or leisure activity, the school run, or business trip. Your journeys will count towards great prizes.

Register today and start logging your journeys on this platform from 1 June. We will send you regular e-newsletters with some great tips as well as giving out prizes every week.

If you are working from home you can also record your walking, cycling, scooting, running or wheeling activities that you undertake as part of your daily activity.

You can unlock discounts and rewards for reaching journey targets. Don’t forget to view your personal profile dashboard regularly to see your statistics and claim these rewards when you have reached your targets!


Why take part?

Take part because it’s a great way to challenge yourself to get active and try some new ways of getting to work as well as getting around your local area.

Sign up as an individual, or with friends and colleagues in a team and collect virtual badges for your efforts. Prizes and rewards on offer every week.

Walking, scooting, wheeling, cycling, and running on your commute, and for local trips, are brilliant ways of incorporating exercise into your day; whilst public transport and lift-sharing are great ways to reduce congestion and can save you money.

All this helps you get fitter, feel good, and do your bit to keep Cornwall’s air clean!

Which journeys count?

All journeys to work or for work that are carried out on foot, by bike, car-share or public transport.

Trips to the shops; to a leisure activity; taking the kids to school; or to do a walk, jog, run, or cycle ‘loop’ at lunchtime to keep active also count.

Log your activity daily to help your team or organisation climb the leaderboard and win the overall team prize!

How do I win?


Remember that to climb the leaderboard you must make and log lots of journeys rather than a small number of long journeys.

We want to see you making regular changes to your everyday local trips and commute.

We will be celebrating your success with weekly focused prizes along the way, as well as putting the top ten from the leaderboard into a grand prize draw at the end of June.


If you have entered or joined your workplace or organisation, your individual journeys also count towards your workplace total. The winning workplace in each size category will be the one that has the highest level of participation.

Spread the word at your workplace and encourage your colleagues to leave the car at home and get to work in other ways, or to take some exercise during the day.

Logging just one journey is enough to be included as a participant, helping your team to climb the leaderboard. We’re hoping you will be encouraged to make your new ways of travelling a habit.

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