FPCT 24/7 Prayer Weekend : 3-5 Jul, AT HOME


Falmouth and Penryn Churches Together (FPCT) is organising an exciting weekend of prayer!


The vision for 24/7 prayer is to have continual prayer for an agreed period of time. Often it is for 24hrs and for a week, hence 24/7, but they can be longer or shorter. FPCT are committing to 48 hrs continual prayer for our town, our churches, our country and our world. But that doesn’t mean one person prays for the whole 48 hrs! People sign up for hour slots and that way we only need 48 people (although more are certainly welcome).

We will begin at 4pm on Friday 3rd July and end at 4pm on Sunday 5th July.


FPCT leaders met recently and together acknowledged that these unprecedented times will have a huge impact upon our churches and communities. But we also know that prayer has a huge impact. So we felt a sense of call to pray together for our town, united by faith and fellowship through Christ.

In normal circumstances we might have created a prayer room and invited you to sign up for a slot to use the prayer stations and resources at the dedicated room. The testimonies from these sorts of ventures are that people often have a deep sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Fresh faith, unity and a passion for mission can arise through taking on this sort of challenge to seek God together.

We can’t host a physical prayer room at the moment – but we can still sign up to pray, and the same possibilities are there! Imagine it now: people dotted all around Falmouth and Penryn creating a 48 hour prayer chain bringing the needs, priorities, hopes and hurts of our community to God.


There is nothing particularly special about the dates we’ve chosen, but they do coincide perfectly with further lock-down restrictions ending and big decisions facing our church leaders. This weekend becomes special because we are praying!


Head to https://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/b45017 to sign up – it is quick and easy to do.

You’ll receive an e-mail confirming the booking and then a further e-mail nearer the time with some specific prayer pointers. All the FPCT leaders have been asked to give some prayer ideas for their church but there will also be community projects and local concerns. You are free to pray for whatever is on your heart.

There will be the option to share any prayers, thoughts, pictures or Bible verses – these will encourage others in their prayers and create a sense of unity to what we’re doing. You’ll be able to look back at these to see what others have posted.

How you pray for the hour is up to you. Take the prayer points on a walk, to the beach, to a quiet room in your house… Pray out loud, pray silently, pray creatively. There are no rights or wrongs. How ever we pray, our prayers are heard by our loving heavenly Father.


Who knows what will happen because we were praying?! Who knows what doors may open, what hearts may be moved, what projects will bear greater fruit, what faith will be stirred or strongholds may be broken?

Only the Lord will truly know, but we may in time hear some stories that we trace back to this time of prayer. The prayer weekend has the potential to transform our churches, community and country because we believe in a God who hears us when we pray and who has the power to do more than we can ever ask or imagine. Sign up now!

Together, we will be praying for our local community. We need EVERYONE to join in and commit to pray at a specific time in the comfort of their own home.

Don’t miss out on being part of this amazing conversation with God!

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Communion in the light of COVID-19: webinar : 16 Jul, ONLINE

The Society for Ecumenical Studies has, in conjunction with The Tablet and Reform, arranged a webinar on Communion in the light of COVID-19, to be held on Thursday 16 July from 6–7.30pm.

This is the first in a series of three webinars on themes around the response of the Churches to the situation created by the current pandemic.

The speakers will be:

Revd Dr John Bradbury
Dr Bradbury is a United Reformed Church minister and incoming General Secretary of the URC. From 2007 to 2017 he taught Systematic Theology and Church History at Westminster College, Cambridge where he ultimately served as Vice-Principal. He has been heavily involved in ecumenism and is one of the three presidents of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe. He serves as co-chair of the URC-Roman Catholic dialogue, for which he has written a paper on Communion. More recently, he has written on Communion in the lockdown times.

Dr Sara Parvis
Dr Sara Parvis is Senior Lecturer in Early Church History at the University of Edinburgh, where she has taught students from a variety of ecclesiastical backgrounds, clerical and lay. She is a lifelong Catholic, and recently wrote for the Tablet from an experiential perspective on the presence and absence of communion during the lockdown.

Dr. Matthew Cheung Salisbury
Dr Salisbury, a member of the Faculty of Music in the University of Oxford is the national Liturgy and Worship Adviser to the Church of England. 
The evening will be chaired by Rev Dr Elizabeth Welch, the Chair of the Society for Ecumenical Studies.
There is a suggested donation of £5  towards the costs of the webinar and bookings should be made via The Tablet at www.thetablet.co.uk/events

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Protecting Rural Communities Through Covid-19: Webinar : 25 Jun, ONLINE

What impact is COVID-19 really having on rural communities? 
While urban areas have borne the brunt of COVID-19, researchers from St Andrew’s University warn that if the pandemic continues, rural communities could have 50 to 80% higher death rates. 

Many of these communities are already experiencing the economic impact of the pandemic as tourism remains on hold and micro-businesses struggle to stay afloat. 

In our next Cinnamon Connect Webinar, we’ll be exploring how churches can most effectively protect and support our rural communities. 
  On Thursday 25 June at 11 am Nick Amis from Cinnamon Network will be talking with Jonny Gios, Cinnamon Advisor for the North East of England; and Martin Erwin, CEO of Counties, a UK-wide network of evangelists and church planters. 
Nick, Martin and Jonny will be discussing rural communities and specifically: How COVID-19 is impacting them What the immediate future looks   What support is currently available  How churches can effectively respond You can register to join the webinar HERE

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Environment Champions 4 : 14 or 22 Aug, ONLINE

Open to all in the Diocese of Truro

A place to air your views, hear the latest and share activity in your Parish. EC3 feedback; enormously encouraging, mightily put together!

The most important thing to do when growing alongside this life changing topic, is to be able to air your views, work things through and have a safe place to do that. Here it is. With General Synod voting to go Carbon Neutral by 2030, ALL are encouraged to attend these bi-monthly events (the frequency has been chosen by current Env Champs), held by Luci Isaacson, Diocesan Enviornment Officer. Some think they have to be asked, or have to be appointed to come, you don’t, if you go to Church, you are warmly invited. ALL are at risk; we have ways to prepare, ALL have an opportunity; we have pathways to follow to lessen the problem but enjoy a different way of life and ALL need to work things through; we welcome you.

NOTE: To catch up, before you attend, please give time (1hr 22) to watch Env Champ 3 https://youtu.be/TXSHJFuDklc, that gives you the foundation you need to go forward.

EARLY BOOKERS will have names put on the ENV CHAMP BEAVER FIELD TRIP list, for when it is safe to attend!

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Can We Teach Peace? – 23 Jul, ONLINE

Can we teach peace?
Thursday 23 July, 12.30-14.00. Everyone welcome.

Join this session to explore how we can support children and young people to feel peaceful inside, understand conflict and their relationship with it, and engage with wider peace issues, such as the arms trade. Discover how QPSW’s peace education programme works with grass roots Quaker peace education projects, educators, young people and partners, to develop creative peace education practice.

Led by Izzy Cartwright. Izzy is Peace Education Programme Manager for Quakers in Britain.

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Peace, pandemics and plastic bottles – prioritising the future? : 29 Jun, ONLINE

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal OBE

The Beckly Lecture 2020 – Hosted by the Joint Public Issues Team

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal OBE is founder and President of City of Sanctuary, a grassroots movement to build cultures of welcome, hospitality and safety for asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable people. Inderjit is a former President of the Methodist Conference, was Leader of the Corrymeela Community and is President of the Methodist Peace Fellowship. Inderjit will be talking from his many years’ experience as a public and practical theologian, about how our world and our churches face the challenges ahead. When it feels as if different priorities are competing, how can we respond with integrity to God’s call for justice and peace?

Inderjit will speak for around 45 minutes, with a chance for Q&A afterwards. The Lecture will be hosted on Zoom.

What is the Beckly Lecture?

The Beckly Social Services Lecture takes place every year, as one of the fringe events at the Methodist Conference. John Henry Beckly, a lay Wesleyan Methodist, founded the trust which is responsible for the lectures in 1926.

According to the original charter of the Beckly Trust “the function of the Lectureship shall be to set forth the social implications of Christianity and to further the development of a Christian sociology and the expressions of the Christian attitude in reference to social, industrial, economic and international subjects.”

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Radical Presence : 7 Jul-20 Aug, ONLINE

Covid-19 is forcing existential questions upon us: not only about our own survival or that of our loved ones, but about the deepest values on which our society is founded.  Will our civilisation get back to normal? Or was normal already finished? What kind of community are we learning to be? What kind of work really matters? When confinement is over, how do we want to emerge?

Radical Presence gathers Christians to listen for God’s word in this time of pandemic.
Join the seven week course with Green Christian from the week of 6 July 2020.
Sessions on Tuesdays at 7.30pm or Thursdays at 10am – or run the course yourself with members of your own church, network or organisation.
As the UK takes it first tentative steps out of lockdown, join us to build the sustainable, just and compassionate world you believe is possible. 
Do let your church and friends know about this course!

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Housing the Homeless post-covid19: Webinar : 18 Jun, ONLINE

The homeless may be out of sight, but they haven’t gone away.
Since March, 5,400 homeless and rough sleepers have been given temporary accommodation in hotels across the UK as part of the government’s ‘Everyone In’ scheme. 

As the country emerges from lockdown and the scheme comes to an end, what’s next?

If ending homelessness was just about providing four walls and a roof, it would be a relatively easy problem to solve. However, there are many factors that need to be addressed such as addiction and mental health. 

In our next Cinnamon Connect Webinar, we’ll be exploring how churches can work with others to ensure rough sleepers are well supported when the crisis is over.

On Thursday 18 June at 11 am Nick Amis, from Cinnamon Network will be talking to Mark Brennen from Housing Justice; Pete Cunningham from Green Pastures; and Ed Walker from Hope into Action.

Nick, Mark, Pete and Ed will be discussing: What provision the government is currently making Why homelessness is about more than just housing How churches can best support those in their communities What other housing issues our nation may be facing  You can register to join the webinar HERE
We look forward to seeing you there!

The Cinnamon Team

Cinnamon Connect Webinar
e. team@cinnamonnetwork.co.uk
Speakers & Presenters
Mark Brennen, Housing Justice
Mark leads a team of four Catalyst Workers supporting and resourcing the Church & Community Night Shelters in Greater London. His background is in the marketing and sales and he made his segue into the homelessness sector in the UK after spending a year at The Big Issue in 2005/6.
Pete Cunningham, Green Pastures
Pete has pastored many churches and has always had a heart for the homeless. When a desperate family came along in 1999, Pete cashed in his £6,000 pension and, along with Vicki Woodley and his son Andrew, purchased two flats. That was the inception of Green Pastures and Pete has been part of its journey ever since.
Ed Walker, Hope into Action 
Ed spent nine years working in disaster response in Africa with Tearfund. He was Director of Client Services at the YMCA before setting up Hope into Action. In 2010, they opened their first home to support tenants others had given up on. Hope into Action now has 67 church partners running 75 homes across the country.
Nick Amis, Cinnamon Advisor
Nick is a Cinnamon Advisor for the East Midlands and host of Cinnamon Connect Webinars. He has extensive experience of supporting churches of all denominations and sizes to set up effective social action projects in response to the needs of their community.
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Spree’s Got Talent 2020 : 11 Jul, ONLINE

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Spree SW 2020 will not be able to go ahead as planned. However, we are excited to announce that we will be going online on the 11th July 2020 for:

Spree’s Got Talent 20207pm-8pm on the 11th July 2020

INSPIRATION TIME! Check out Ollie showing you some of his talents to give some ideas of what you can do. #spreesw #spreesouthwest #spreesgottalent #spreesw2020

Posted by Spree South West on Friday, 12 June 2020


1) Record a video of you doing your talent. This video should be recorded in landscape, NOT in portrait.

2) Go to www.wetransfer.com

3) Upload your video and follow the steps on the website to send to: info@spreesw.org

4) Complete the Online Consent Form found here (this must be done for all participants, and must be completed by a parent or guardian.)

5) Wait for an email from info@spreesw.org to confirm your entry has been completed correctly and is fully submitted to the competition.

Submissions must be complete and received by 5pm on the 26th June 2020 in order to be considered.

For full terms and conditions, click here.

The WINNER will receive a the Spree’s Got Talent 2020 trophy, some custom Spree SW Merch and a £30 Gift Card for Amazon*.

*Please read Terms and Conditions for full details.

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Rural Mission Sunday 2020: Heaven in Ordinary : 19 Jul, ONLINE

As we prepare for Rural Mission Sunday 2020, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. We – in common with communities across the world – have been living in lockdown for a significant proportion of the early months of this year, living with a level of disconnection that many, if not all of us, have found unsettling and unprecedented.

As we have supported rural churches through COVID-19, and listened to stories of the impact the outbreak has had, we have become convinced that Rural Mission Sunday 2020 offers a timely opportunity to take stock and reflect, to engage intentionally with the changes of perspective that we have experienced in recent weeks.

In Exodus 3 we read of an encounter between Moses and God at the burning bush. Moses is going about his normal, everyday life when he catches sight of a bush that’s on fire. This is a fairly ordinary occurrence for him, but he’s paying sufficient attention to notice that the bush isn’t burning up. What follows is an exchange that transforms not only Moses but the future of the whole people of God.

Many centuries later, the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning reflected on this simple act of ‘noticing’:

Earth’s crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.

This Rural Mission Sunday, we want to create space for you to stop and ‘notice God’ in a new way, to find, in George Herbert’s glorious phrase, ‘heaven in ordinary’.

The simple premise at the heart of Rural Mission Sunday remains as relevant this year as it always has: to encourage you and your church congregation to celebrate another year of faithfully sustaining an effective Christian presence in your community. As ever, we’ve provided resources and suggestions to help you shape Sunday worship in a way which enables you to do this, and this year we’ve considered how you might do this as a gathered or as a dispersed congregation.

As we compile this material it is difficult to predict the extent to which we will still be impacted by social distancing restrictions by the time Rural Mission Sunday rolls round on 19 July. Where we are in the pandemic response will shape how you might respond. If we’re still in lockdown or social distancing guidelines are still in place you will need to focus on your use of phone or online resources, or on equipping your church family to mark Rural Mission Sunday in their own homes. If restrictions have been partially or entirely lifted, Rural Mission Sunday may be the perfect opportunity to bring your community together to celebrate!

CLICK HERE to register for Rural Mission Sunday 2020

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