Cornish Groups Offering Free Lunches for Children in October Half Term

Following the decision in parliament not to extend free school meals over the half-term holiday, a number of groups and businesses have kindly offered to provide food for children in need.

Inspired by Marcus Rashford’s campaign to end child food poverty, we have compiled a list of groups here in Cornwall, their contact details, and a link to their offer of help. You can also find an interactive map with a geographic view of those who will be taking part in the free school meals movement.

We would advise to check each offer of help to see how best to make contact.

If there are any offers missing from this list, please let us know by emailing

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Telephone Signposting Information List

We’ve created a handy telephone signposting information list for people, Foodbanks and grassroot organisations in Cornwall.

Now, maybe more than ever, we know that people like to talk with organisations who offer advice and support. We have tried to make it as useful as possible and covered key topics that you and your customers might need help with.

The list is available HERE.

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The Christian Christmas Craft Fair 2020 : 7 Nov, ONLINE

This year the Christian Christmas Craft Fair is moving online!

We have compiled some of our favourite small businesses to take part this year, with lots of beautiful cards and gifts with a Christian focus. The fair will be taking place on Saturday 7th November from 10am on Facebook here:

There will be Facebook lives, mini-interviews and lots of fun along the way!

We are supporting the Helston & The Lizard Foodbank again this year. We are also holding a free Click & Collect service on the 14th November at Helston Light & Life Church.

Do join us as we point people to Jesus during this Christmas period.

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Run the Race: An Event for Men : 10, 11, 12 Nov, ONLINE

A free one-hour course repeated over three nights

What happens when you throw an ex-army paratrooper and a 1920’s penny farthing bicycle together? We realise no one has ever asked this question but… in our brand new event, Run the Race, we answer it anyway.

This autumn, Rob Parsons OBE, founder of Care for the Family, Mark Chester, founder of Who Let The Dads Out, and Gerrit Bantjes, founder of having a name that no one can pronounce, join together to bring you this event – specifically designed for men.

Rob, Mark and Gerrit delve into the realities of how we run the race of life, and what perseverance looks like for us as men today. In any physical race, we can do things to help us endure, and the same goes for everyday life. There are real pressures and responsibilities that arise that we can be ready for.

During the event, Rob Parsons speaks with you entirely from the comfort of our studio … while Mark and Gerrit do so whilst facing each other in a literal bike race, filled with obstacles and challenges. We also have some very special guests to help us unpack perseverance, including Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist John Archer.

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Navigating Transition: A Prayer Journey

From a new marriage to a job loss, transition can feel like a rough sea, full of ups and downs.

Whether you’re excited about new beginnings or tackling the pain of loss (or both), prayer is vital to help you navigate life’s big changes.

Over 40 days, this prayer journey will lead you through the four key stages of transition: discerning the signals of change; ending well as you let go of the old; feeling disorientated; and getting reorientated in your new situation.

As you pray through these stages, you’ll learn how to navigate times of transition with God and grow your trust in him – the one who charts the course ahead.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a short ‘prompt to pray’ each day, together with a brief thought helping you explore how to navigate transition.

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St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme

Specifically-prepared resources to support clergy wellbeing during a time of Covid through reflection either individually or as a group.

The St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme is updated every Monday and all the resources will be available here for you to use as and when you need them.

Week 1 – Thoughts from a trauma informed perspective
Week 2 – Making a start on long-term recovery from a crisis
Week 3 – Self-care at a time of loss
Week 4 – Covid-19, crisis fatigue – and you
Week 5 – Prayer, wellbeing and our rootedness in God
Week 6 – Relatedness
Week 7 – Rhythms and Wellbeing
Week 8 – Meditation on Lament
Week 9 – Here be dragons
Week 10 – Creating a safe space
Week 11 – Understanding the body
Week 12 – A Christian approach to managing anxiety
Week 13 – Reflections on Transitions
Week 14 – Liminality in a time of covid
Week 15 – Easing out of Lockdown
Week 16 – Ministering to Uncertainty

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Cornwall Christmas Box

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration but for those living on the breadline, Christmas can emphasise the difficulty of their circumstances. For the past 18 years, Three Rivers Vineyard Church (previously Truro Vineyard Church) have been collecting Christmas dinner boxes to give away through Cornwall Council’s Social Services team to those in need. Jesus taught us to feed the poor and hungry, and this us trying to do that.

In 2012 we felt challenged to expand the Christmas Box appeal to the broader community, wanting to help as many people as possible. We collected just over 200 boxes in 2014, 120 in 2015, and 257 in 2016. In 2017 we had a target of 300, or 500 if you asked Heather. We thought she was being ambitious – but you all donated 540 boxes in total, so she was right!

For 2018, we collected almost 1,000 boxes, which were distributed to hundreds of families in need, across the length and breadth of Cornwall. And last year we collected a whopping 1200 boxes.  Once again, we were blown away by everyone’s generosity.  There are no words!

We are unashamedly, a Christian charity, we don’t have any preferences for where the boxes go, or where they come from.  In fact we don’t directly distribute the boxes ourselves, we rely on partners in Social Care, Food Banks and other 3rd party organisations that already have contact with people in need.  We don’t add anything to the boxes that you donate, our only aim is help feed as many hungry people as possible.

Find out more: 3 Rivers Vineyard Church

Each box contains enough food for a family of 4 – 6 to celebrate: Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, treats like mince pies and biscuits, and of course Christmas pudding all go into the box to make up a feast for a family in need. A typical box costs around £30 but you can share the cost by getting together with friends, neighbours and colleagues to fill a box together. The boxes will be distributed by Cornwall Council’s ‘Children’s Early Help, Social Care and Psychology Service’ team to families in need. Visit the website for the shopping list of items to include, collection points and more.

Christmas Box 2020 is happening!

As we reach the end of one of the craziest and most challenging years, the number of people that need help has grown exponentially.  Christmas Box HQ is going full blast again this year, and we have been blown away by Cornwall’s generosity, we really live in a beautiful place with beautiful people.  There have been some challenges to make sure that we do it as safe a way as possible for people involved. But we believe that we have to help as many people as we can again this year.

For the last couple of years, there has been such an amazing response to our Christmas Box appeal. You have been absolutely incredible at responding to the need here in Cornwall, to help feed families. We’ve gone from collecting approximately 100 boxes a few years ago to over 1200 boxes last year. This is fantastic, thank you!

Thank you to everyone that has got in touch and offered their time, their vehicles and expertise to help us this year.  You guys are amazing!

If you have any question be sure to get in touch – either by email ( or via Messenger on our Facebook page.

Thanks again

3 Rivers Vineyard Team

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Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery: Salvation Army Modern Slavery Annual Report 2020

For more than 150 years The Salvation Army has been supporting survivors of slavery with activities in the UK and across the world to help people whose lives have been affected and communities most at risk from this scourge on society. Our commitment remains as strong now as it has been throughout our history, as last year we witnessed another increase in victims entering the support services we deliver in England and Wales through the Government’s Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract.

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The Character Course

Put simply, the Character Course brings together the most up-to-date psychology with ancient biblical wisdom. In eight sessions, it covers key themes of Christian discipleship: learning, hope, love, forgiveness, gratitude, humour, persistence and curiosity.

The website has everything you need to run it: videos, leader notes, scripts and handouts. All free to download. It’s designed for small groups, but you can complete it however you like: alone or in a group, live or online. It works best when you share the journey with others. Each session has a short video to watch, a bible passage to ponder and a practice to try out. 

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The Church in Lockdown

Over lockdown, our buildings may have been closed, but the Church was open – providing more than FIVE MILLION meals per month to those in need.

Find out more of the ways the UK Church met the practical + emotional needs of their communities

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