Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together publishes Annual Report

The FPCT Annual Report 2019-20 is now available following approval at the AGM on 22 July. The 44-page report provides a wealth of detail on the work in some two dozen areas of mission in which local churches engage together. It includes the final version of a major piece of work last year on Our Vision and Purpose, Ways and Means Under God – although the pandemic will mean immediately revisiting that in the light of newly changed priorities!

The report is available online here; printed copies will be available later when we have suitable means of distributing them! ‘Pre-order’ by email and we will get them to you as soon as possible.


Falmouth Virtual Messy Church : Jul, AT HOME

Welcome to Virtual Messy Church for July. Normally we’d be meeting on the beach this month. Sadly we can’t do that this year, but we hope that you enjoy the following story, activities and songs.

We won’t be sending out a virtual Messy Church in August, but plan to be back in some form in September.


Alpha Online : 6 Jul-24 Aug, ONLINE

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Vacancy: Supervisor, Pebbles Parent & Toddler Group, Falmouth

Whilst Pebbles is currently unable to operate, we are planning for when we are able to welcome you back.
We continue to seek a new Supervisor to run Pebbles Parent and Toddler group based at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Falmouth.
Outreach and ministry are an important part of our vision and for this reason we are seeking someone with a real passion for serving and loving the families of Falmouth.

Start date: TBC
Hours: Mon, Tues, Fri 8.30am -12pm
(10.5 hours per week on site plus an additional 2 hrs for admin)
Term time only
A full job description and employee specification is available from the church office, please email mail@emmanuelbaptist.co.uk.


FPCT 24/7 Prayer Weekend : 3-5 Jul, AT HOME


Falmouth and Penryn Churches Together (FPCT) is organising an exciting weekend of prayer!


The vision for 24/7 prayer is to have continual prayer for an agreed period of time. Often it is for 24hrs and for a week, hence 24/7, but they can be longer or shorter. FPCT are committing to 48 hrs continual prayer for our town, our churches, our country and our world. But that doesn’t mean one person prays for the whole 48 hrs! People sign up for hour slots and that way we only need 48 people (although more are certainly welcome).

We will begin at 4pm on Friday 3rd July and end at 4pm on Sunday 5th July.


FPCT leaders met recently and together acknowledged that these unprecedented times will have a huge impact upon our churches and communities. But we also know that prayer has a huge impact. So we felt a sense of call to pray together for our town, united by faith and fellowship through Christ.

In normal circumstances we might have created a prayer room and invited you to sign up for a slot to use the prayer stations and resources at the dedicated room. The testimonies from these sorts of ventures are that people often have a deep sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Fresh faith, unity and a passion for mission can arise through taking on this sort of challenge to seek God together.

We can’t host a physical prayer room at the moment – but we can still sign up to pray, and the same possibilities are there! Imagine it now: people dotted all around Falmouth and Penryn creating a 48 hour prayer chain bringing the needs, priorities, hopes and hurts of our community to God.


There is nothing particularly special about the dates we’ve chosen, but they do coincide perfectly with further lock-down restrictions ending and big decisions facing our church leaders. This weekend becomes special because we are praying!


Head to https://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/b45017 to sign up – it is quick and easy to do.

You’ll receive an e-mail confirming the booking and then a further e-mail nearer the time with some specific prayer pointers. All the FPCT leaders have been asked to give some prayer ideas for their church but there will also be community projects and local concerns. You are free to pray for whatever is on your heart.

There will be the option to share any prayers, thoughts, pictures or Bible verses – these will encourage others in their prayers and create a sense of unity to what we’re doing. You’ll be able to look back at these to see what others have posted.

How you pray for the hour is up to you. Take the prayer points on a walk, to the beach, to a quiet room in your house… Pray out loud, pray silently, pray creatively. There are no rights or wrongs. How ever we pray, our prayers are heard by our loving heavenly Father.


Who knows what will happen because we were praying?! Who knows what doors may open, what hearts may be moved, what projects will bear greater fruit, what faith will be stirred or strongholds may be broken?

Only the Lord will truly know, but we may in time hear some stories that we trace back to this time of prayer. The prayer weekend has the potential to transform our churches, community and country because we believe in a God who hears us when we pray and who has the power to do more than we can ever ask or imagine. Sign up now!

Together, we will be praying for our local community. We need EVERYONE to join in and commit to pray at a specific time in the comfort of their own home.

Don’t miss out on being part of this amazing conversation with God!

Dowload notes Sign up Sign up guide Download poster

Falmouth Virtual Messy Church : 13 Jun, AT HOME


Bissoe: Hidden Help

Hidden help’s vision is really very simple; its aim is to reach families who have ‘fallen through the net’. By collecting donations of unwanted, but still serviceable household goods we are able to repair, up-cycle and then redistribute them to those that are in dire need. Our clients are wide ranging. From single parent families leaving the various shelters and hostels in the local area, to the elderly, vulnerable, long term sick, asylum seekers etc. We do not means test or judge, we simply meet need where it is shown to us through partnering with the various local agencies for whom seeing need is a day to day occurrence. .

Many of the items we provide are straightforward household goods and appliances. Fridges, cookers. beds, mattresses, linens, kitchenware, sofas, chairs, tables..in fact anything that you need when setting up home. There really are children sleeping on the floor for the want of a bed or mattress in Cornwall. It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

We try very hard not to over promise and under deliver; we simply do what we can.

COVID – 19 Appeal

During COVID – 19 people are still desperately in need, especially those that are being re-housed, lost their jobs or socially isolating and unable to get out.

The best way to partner with us through this crisis is to source the following good quality items for us:

  • Microwaves & cookers
  • Chests of Drawers, Wardrobes, Sofas, bedside tables,
  • Tables, chairs
  • Sets of crockery (at least 4 of each) cup, plates, mugs, bowls etc
  • Single beds with clean matresses
  • Fridge Freezers
Primrose Workshop, Ferns Platt, Bissoe, TR4 8RJ
Opening hours
Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm (ring for lockdown arrangements)
Social media
Contact Name
Who may use the service?
Everyone in need

Falmouth: Salvation Army Food Service

Throughout the lockdown, Falmouth Salvation Army has been serving hot food to anyone without access to cooking facilities, whether homeless or not.

We are also handing out food parcels to anyone in need, again whether homeless or not.

Strict social distancing and thorough hygiene are being ensured.

Open 11:00-13:00, Tuesday-Friday.

Donations of food, drink and toiletries / personal hygiene products welcome.

Financial support also very helpful and gratefully received – please click:


Falmouth Salvation Army, 2 Brook St, Falmouth, TR11 3RJ
Opening hours
11:00-13:00, Tuesday-Friday
Disabled access
Social media
Contact Name
Andrew Hammond
07858 468781
Who may use the service?
Hot food – anyone without access to cooking facilities. Food bank – anyone in need.

Falmouth: The Gershie Project

The Gershie Project is named after one of the founders of The Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum, a lady who lived to help others. The namesake project also aims to help people
who are lonely, people who are socially excluded, people who are rurally isolated and people whose lack of interaction with others is negatively impacting upon their lives.

The Gershie Project aims to provide a safe, welcoming space where all such people can come together, chat and interact. The Gershie project is staffed by volunteers who provide a welcome, support and signposting for agency services. The project welcomes support with help towards the costs of providing a safe and welcoming place.

c/o King Charles Hall, New Street, Falmouth, TR11 3HX
Opening hours
varies (suspended during lockdown – check Facebook for updates)
Disabled access
Social media
Who may use the service?
All those who may benefit from the service

Falmouth Virtual Messy Church : 9 May, AT HOME

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