Responding to Grief and Emotional Suffering in our Communities : 30 Apr, ONLINE

April 30, 2020 | 11:00 am

Are you a church leader or pastoral carer struggling to cope with the burden of emotional needs presented by your community during COVID-19?
Right now, more and more people are experiencing emotional pain and grief for a wide range of reasons. Some are related to illness and death, but many more are as a result of other losses, such as the loss of employment, financial security and human interaction.
Join our Cinnamon Connect Webinar, to find out how your church can effectively respond to the emotional pain and grief within your community during the current crisis.
On Thursday 30 April at 11am Nick Amis will be joined by Sharon Townsend from the charity Living Loss, and Yvonne Tulloch from
Nick, Sharon and Yvonne will be discussing:

  • The different types of loss being experienced throughout the nation
  • How churches can practically support those experiencing grief 
  • When and how to refer people for professional support
  • How churches can prepare to respond beyond COVID-19

You can register your interest in joining the webinar HERE. 

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