Counting the Cost of Coronavirus : 4 Jun, ONLINE


June 4, 2020 | 11:00 am

With the right strategy, churches can help improve the outcome for those experiencing financial hardship right now.

The financial challenges facing our communities are far more complex and overwhelming than we have ever experienced, but we believe the Church is well placed to respond. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in the UK jumped by more than 856,000 in April, the first full month of the coronavirus lockdown.

Helplines have been inundated with queries from people who are confused about their options, including a growing number who find themselves unable to access government support schemes.

Demand for support is set to increase exponentially this summer as payment holidays and state-backed furlough schemes come to an end and redundancies increase.

Join our Cinnamon Connect Webinar where we’ll explore what churches can do to help those experiencing financial hardship now and in the months ahead.

On Thursday 4 June at 11 am Nick Amis, from Cinnamon Network will be talking to Jenny Herrera, Executive Director of Acts 435; Heather Keates, CEO of Community Money Advice; and Paula Stringer, CEO of CAP UK.

Nick, Jenny, Heather and Paula will be discussing:

What financial challenges are people currently facing

  • How are financial needs likely to change over the next few months
  • What can churches do to support individuals and families
  • What organisations and tools are available to help churches respond


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