A Rocha Research Team: ‘Oceans and Humans are inextricably linked’ : 4 Nov, Wadebridge and ONLINE

November 4, 2021 | 7:00 pm
Wadebridge Town Hall and online

with Hannah Hereward

and other members of the A Rocha marine research team led by Dr Bob Sluka

Humans depend upon the oceans for our very existence. Now the ocean also depends upon humans for its continued flourishing. Using case studies from A Rocha projects globally, Hannah Hereward (Ph.D. student Cardiff University) and Dr Robert Sluka (A Rocha International) will highlight how humans depend upon the ocean and how humans are positively impacting ocean health. We will examine fisheries, biodiversity conservation, marine governance, and plastic pollution in light of Christian theology and highlight how A Rocha projects are attempting to utilise the best science and faith resources to bless both the ocean and the communities that depend upon it.

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