World Peace Day : 21 Sep, AT HOME

September 21, 2020

World Peace Day, Truro, Cornwall

Monday 21st September 2020

World Peace Day is celebrated across the World every year since it was first set up by the United Nations in 1981.

Over the past four years in Truro and Cornwall, choirs, groups, organizations and speakers, have come together to raise awareness about World Peace Day and also to support One Day One Choir, a global choral project for peace.

 Over 40 choirs have taken part, with many groups involved, and over 30 people have spoken about peace and also for some, the work they are involved with to make this world a better place.

Due to ‘Covid’ restrictions, any plans will be very limited this year, but hopefully next year events will go ahead as in previous years.



Here are some suggestions for individuals or small groups of people for what they can do, despite the restrictions.

Create a Peace Image for your window – There are guides on the internet for making peace doves and cranes, etc. The NHS rainbow sign has also been used as a symbol for peace, so hang your image beside the NHS rainbow. Other ‘peace’ signs include the Olive Branch, the CND sign and the ‘V’ Peace Sign.

Peace Doves, Peace Cranes, and Heart from the Peace Crane Project:

Peace Pigeons from the Peace Pledge Union:

Run, walk, cycle, swim for Peace – Not only are these activities good for your health, you can also ask people to give donations that can go to your favourite charity.

Do a Random Act of Kindness – Go shopping for an elderly or vulnerable person, visit or call a neighbour, greet someone with a smile!

Sing for Peace with Others on Zoom – Many choirs and singing groups are now on Zoom type gatherings – choose a Song for Peace and dedicate that week’s session to World Peace Day. (If you’re a busker, Busk for Peace). And don’t forget to sign up to One Day One Choir, the global choral peace project that Cornwall has supported these last four years.

Send a Postcard, or write a letter, for Peace – Get ideas and more information here:

Pick up litter for Peace – Many do this already but dedicate a session to World Peace Day. Apart from the healthy exercise you get from walking, it’s another positive contribution.

Invite a friend for a drink or a sit in the park – Many are feeling isolated. A friendly gesture or meeting goes a long way.

Write a Poem for Peace – Find out more on the website and send in to the Truro website below.

Plant something for Peace – There are Peace Lilies and a Peace Rose, but any plant can be planted as a Plant for Peace.

Do some Research for Peace – There are many local groups that work for peace in this world, such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Extinction Rebellion, Cornwall Faith Forum, Shelterbox, etc. Get in contact, find out more, and volunteer your time or donate. 

Other ideas – Some people Bake for Peace, others Knit for Peace

There are so many possibilities. Think of what interests or excites you.

Potentially, there may be an Acoustic Session for World Peace Day in Truro on Saturday 19th September. Hopefully there will also be a Singing for Health Big Sing session on Zoom. Details to follow on and on the Truro World Peace Day 2020 Facebook page

As has happened over these last years, everybody, including every School, Choir, and Church in Cornwall is invited to take part in whatever way they can.

For further ideas/information go to

Or contact Paul Haines  07855 495881 or

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