Training: Managing Change : 17 Feb, ONLINE

February 17, 2022 | 9:20 am 1:00 pm

We can’t avoid change, but we can get the tools to manage it well. Through our training workshop, Mark Kitson and Edd Parker will help you develop the skills to plan and manage change well in a church, social action project, or Christian charity.

Through this training workshop, you’ll be able to make sense of some of the changes you’re currently experiencing; understand how different people are impacted; develop a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and; gain tools and skills to help you prioritise and implement change well.  

Course overview… 

This course is designed for church and project leaders, activists, and volunteers who want to… 

  • Make sense of the current change they are experiencing
  • Share their vision effectively with others
  • Develop techniques to support different stakeholders through a period of change 
  • Find new tools to help them manage change
  • Manage the pace of change well, so they don’t burn out 

What’s involved…  

The training will involve theory, practice, discussion, and reflection, so come ready to get involved and share your ideas.  

Teaching – Our trainers have plenty of knowledge and personal experience which they’ll share using PowerPoint presentations and videos.  

Breakout rooms – Through breakout rooms, you’ll work with others to explore how the theory and techniques can be applied to your own context.  

Q&A – Put your questions to our trainers to get clarity on the topics discussed and support with any specific projects you’re working on.  

Notes – You’ll receive comprehensive notes from the training session along with relevant links and references.  

Cinnamon Connect – You’ll receive an invitation to join our brand-new learning community, Cinnamon Connect, which will give you access to the people, resources and knowledge to help your church transform your community. 

What we’ll cover… 

A retrospective look at change through COVID – The pace of change has been rapid in the last two years, and we’ll look at key developments in our organisations and consider both the positive and negative impact of rapid change. 

Difference between permanent and temporary change – Not all change is forever, we’ll look at different types of change and how each needs to be dealt with differently. 

How to communicate change well – Change is more effective when everyone understands the vision and the plan. We’ll help you consider the impact of change on different stakeholders and how you can help even the most reluctant individuals to participate positively.  

Understanding the change curve - Change is often compared to grief and understanding the different stages of change will help you to support others in your organisation more effectively.  

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