The Problem with Plastics by Liz Bonnin: 21 Oct, Plymouth

October 21, 2019 | 7:00 pm 8:00 pm
Sherwell Centre, University of Plymouth, PL4 8AA

The Marine Institute is delighted to welcome Liz Bonnin to the University for the first time.

The plastic crisis has captured the attention of the global public, turning the spotlight onto the way we use and dispose of plastic and its effect on our world, particularly for our oceans and the creatures who inhabit them.

While public perception of marine plastic pollution has begun to shift dramatically, there is still much to be done to understand the true impact it has and change how society lives with plastic responsibly.

In this insightful lecture, popular TV broadcaster and presenter Liz Bonnin reveals the full scale of the problem across our oceans. She draws from her environmental experience and academic expertise to pose the hard-hitting questions on the consequences of plastic pollution, exploring how science can offer the solutions to one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time.

All are welcome to attend this free public lecture. We anticipate this to be a popular event, and so recommend reserving your space in advance to guarantee a seat.

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