Suporting your Community’s Physical and Spiritual Health : 11 Mar, ONLINE

March 11, 2021 | 11:00 am

How healthy is your community both physically and spiritually?  
There has been a dramatic increase in eating disorders and other addictive behaviour over lockdown. But when does a little over-indulgence become a problem?  In our next Cinnamon Connect Webinar, we’ll be exploring how your church can help people overcome unhealthy relationships with food and live healthier happier lives.    

On Thursday 11 March, 11am-12pm, Professor Deborah Lycett from Taste and See and Pastor Shola Oladipo from The Healthy Church Initiative will be joining us to look at our relationship with food through the lens of our faith.  Through the webinar, we’ll look at what churches can do to support their congregations by examining:   How lockdown has changed our relationship with food  How to recognise a serious eating disorder   The role of spirituality in changing habits  What we can do to promote better overall health 
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