Seeds of Change Conference : 16-20 Nov, ONLINE

November 16, 2020 November 20, 2020

Institutional reform and human flourishing post Covid-19

The Seeds of Change conference is a series of events over five days from 4.00pm – 5.30pm (GMT) each day, which bring together thinkers, commentators and practitioners to consider what kind of institutional reforms should be pursued following the huge turmoil and disruption of Covid-19.

The focus will be on debt, the purpose of business and the role of civil society – themes that three task forces set up by Jubilee Centre have been exploring over the last few months. We’ll look beyond responding to immediate needs over the coming months, important though that is, to the possibility of long term social transformation.

The purpose of the conference is to cast a vision for human flourishing in the post-Covid context, explore what institutional reform could look like in practice, and mobilise people to get involved in local and national initiatives.

What’s different about the Seeds of Change Conference?

A distinctive thread running through the conference is exploring what part the Christian faith can play in all this. The consensus that thinks faith should be excluded from public debate and relegated to the private realm is crumbling. So what contribution can Christian ideas, values or communities make at this pivotal moment in history?

The conference is organised by Jubilee Centre and endorsed by Bible Society, CARE, Christians in Politics, Evangelical Alliance, EEA, Faith in Business, Good Faith Partnership, KLICE, LICC, Sallux, Theos and Together for the Common Good.

It is being put on with the generous support of the Rushworth Charitable Trust.

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