Restorative Approaches for Tackling Inequalities : 12 Feb, ONLINE

February 12, 2022 | 10:00 am 4:30 pm

There is an urgent need to promote skills and confidence for tackling racism – not simply ‘calling it out’ but ensuring that the harm caused is understood and owned and will not happen again. Restorative Practice is a social justice model for challenging harm and injustice and finding ways to promote learning so that harms do not recur.

This workshop will invite participants to consider that everyone has a complex and unique identity as well as being shaped by social and historic forces. Although online, we will work together in a ‘circle’ and some suggested resources will be provided in advance and for taking the ideas further. Using the model of Restorative Practice, we will consider racism as a series of harms that create obligations. We will foster a shared commitment to the changes that are needed, and equip participants with some language and principles for moving forward.

To book follow the link below:…/restorative-approaches…/

Cost: £30

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