Radical Presence : 7 Jul-20 Aug, ONLINE

July 7, 2020 โ€“ August 20, 2020

Covid-19 is forcing existential questions upon us: not only about our own survival or that of our loved ones, but about the deepest values on which our society is founded.  Will our civilisation get back to normal? Or was normal already finished? What kind of community are we learning to be? What kind of work really matters? When confinement is over, how do we want to emerge?

Radical Presence gathers Christians to listen for Godโ€™s word in this time of pandemic.
Join the seven week course with Green Christian from the week of 6 July 2020.
Sessions on Tuesdays at 7.30pm or Thursdays at 10am – or run the course yourself with members of your own church, network or organisation.
As the UK takes it first tentative steps out of lockdown, join us to build the sustainable, just and compassionate world you believe is possible. 
Do let your church and friends know about this course!

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