Loneliness, Older People and the Church – Linking Lives : 7 Dec, ONLINE

December 7, 2021 | 2:30 pm 3:30 pm

This interactive workshop is an opportunity to learn more about how Linking Lives tackles social isolation, especially among older people.

‘4.2 million people in the UK say they always or often feel lonely’ (double the number there were in March 2020)

‘58% of churches in the UK consider loneliness and social isolation to be the key issue that will be facing people in their community in the next year’ (‘Hope Beyond’ – AllChurches Trust , July 2020)

This interactive workshop is an opportunity to find out more about the impact that loneliness and social isolation can have on the lives of older people (and those of all ages). We will be discussing ways in which Linking Lives can help churches and individual Christians to make a difference in their local communities and exploring potential informal and more organised approaches.

The session will also include a summary of the Linking Lives UK befriending model – “Two’s Company” – which offers churches in-depth support in extending their outreach to those who may be socially isolated at this time.

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About Linking Lives:

Linking Lives UK exists to empower and equip churches to significantly impact social isolation and loneliness in local communities throughout the country.

They work with churches or Christian organisations who then partner with other agencies such as social workers, charities and social prescribers on a local level. Their befriending approaches provide a tried and tested framework which can be used to reach and engage with those most in need of regular contact, safely and effectively. These approaches are designed to provide a robust framework which also offers flexibility according to local settings.

Their local partners work mostly with socially isolated older people many of whom have little or no contact with other people during the course of a typical week. The simple act of building a relationship with a volunteer often has a clear positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those involved leading to greater confidence, self-esteem and ability to participate in community activities.

They also run regular workshops, webinars and training and produce written resources which are openly available to those with an interest in specific subject areas.

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