Global Sports Sunday : 18 Sep, national

September 18, 2022

On Global Sports Sunday (GSS) we are calling on Churches all around the world to pray for the global community of sport.

Sport has a huge impact on cultures and communities across the globe. Research shows that more than half of the worlds population participates in a sports community on a weekly basis. That’s not even talking about the number of people who regularly come into contact with sports. Parents, trainers, fans and volunteers. All are touched by the ‘power’ of sport.

We believe that all big spiritual movements start with prayer. That’s why with Global Sports Sunday we want to answer to the call of Jesus in Luke 10:2

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers into the his fields.”
Luke 10:2

Join us on Global Sports Sunday to pray for the world of sports. The greatest untapped mission field in the world!

Like any other big sporting event you have to make sure you get a ticket to be a part of the spectacle. Since we believe GSS is going to be a world wide celebration of sport and faith we are giving out several different tickets for you to really experience the spectacle in way that works for you.

The Athlete ticket is for individuals that want to be a part of GSS.

The Church ticket is for people that want their church to be a part of GSS.

The country tickets are for organizations and ministries that want to partner with GSS in their own country.

Church Ticket

Athlete Ticket

Country Ticket

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