Geek Factory Online : 15 & 16 Feb, ONLINE

February 15, 2021 February 16, 2021

Geek Factory Online
by South West Youth Ministries

This two-day event for 11 to 16-year-olds is designed to attract those that love geeky things, such as gaming and quirky challenges. It will include lots of fun, challenges, and the chance to explore the deeper questions of life and to share the Gospel. It’s accessible for all young people at any stage of their faith and is highly interactive. 

Geek Factory Online is taking all the elements that we know and love from Geek Factory 3.0, but placing it all online!

It is a two day extravaganza which will include online gaming tournaments, hilarious individual competitions off screen, group competitions, and leaders humiliated through your control and decision making! As well as all this, we will of course be looking at those more challenging and interesting questions in life through lots of discussions.

You will also get sent straight to your door a really cool mystery ‘Inventory Pack’ that will include lots of goodies, materials needed and sweets for you over the two days, which you get to keep forever!  

  • Geek Factory Young Person (11-16)  £10 ×
  • Geek Factory Leader  free ×

The theme for this event will be ‘Choose your adventure!’ This will involve you making lots of decisions that will impact what you do at Geek Factory Online such as what games you want to play or how to humiliate the leaders(!) and also explore how the decisions we make in life can have a lasting impact on everyone and everything around us.   This event promises to be highly entertaining and highly interactive all from the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss out, places are limited!    Please note all games used during the event are free to download or access. You will require the use of a PC, not a MAC. You will be provided with details of the games in advance when you sign up.

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