Friendships: The heart of ecumenical witness : 24 May, ONLINE

May 24, 2023 | 6:45 pm 8:00 pm

Explore this new research into ecumenical social action

Friendship is at the heart of much ecumenical engagement in social action, according to recent research carried out at the University of Roehampton.

In this CTE-hosted webinar, Dr Clare Watkins and Dr James Butler share the findings of their research project about how Catholics and Methodists engaged together in social action. They will discuss themes such as the importance of friendship, the ways denomination and tradition influence and shape social action in practice and the light that these findings shed on the kinds of everyday ecumenism of which social action is an example.

While the project builds on specific friendships and work between Methodist and Catholics, the webinar and the report from the research speaks to a wider ecumenical landscape with implications for the ways a wide variety of traditions and denominations can work together in social action.

The webinar will present themes and insights from the research before opening up into wider conversations about ecumenism, social action, tradition and friendship.

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