Falmouth Sustainability Week : 1-5 Mar

March 1, 2021 March 5, 2021

Sustainability is more important than ever going into 2021, and we all have our parts to play to create a better world for People and Planet. Shifting towards more sustainable ways of thinking and acting is easier than you think, and we’ve got a host of events to help you do so!

Explore what’s in store for ‘Sustainability Week’, a campaign we’re co-delivering with the Universities, and join us for a series of events set to enable you to realise your personal impacts, inspire you to want to adopt sustainable changes in your life, and empower you with the knowledge & skills you need to do so!


Throughout Sustainability Week, there will be an extensive and exciting programme of events, with something guaranteed to tickle your fancy, empower you to enact change and open your mind. 

The events will be organised around the following themes:

  • Sustainable Lifestyles
  • Energy & Resources
  • Ecotherapy, Nature & Wellbeing
  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Future Thinking

Check out the events offering here!

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