Evangelism in Social Action : 3 Dec, ONLINE

December 3, 2020 | 11:00 am

Join Roy Crowne from Hope Together, Mark Greenwood from Elim and Martin Erwin from Counties, to explore how you can deliver effective social action projects and share Jesus’ love with integrity and care.

How should we balance evangelism and social action?

Do the two fit seamlessly together or will we always lean toward one at the detriment of the other?  We’ll be getting to the heart of the debate in our next Cinnamon Connect webinar on Thursday 3 December at 11am.
Martin Erwin from Counties; Roy Crowne from HOPE; and Mark Greenwood from Elim will be joining us to discuss the tension and unity between evangelism and social action. 

They’ll be sharing their personal experiences, giving practical advice and reflecting on how we can use our experiences of COVID-19 to engage more effectively with our communities.
Join us to explore how we can:

  • Ensure evangelism is a natural part of social action
  • Share our faith when working with non-Christian partners
  • Support vulnerable beneficiaries with dignity
  • Find training to equip your teams to share their faith effectively
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