Cornwall VCSE Climate & Nature Emergency Action Session: Grabbing the Reins! : 10 Dec, ONLINE

December 10, 2021 | 10:00 am 3:30 pm

Gathering of Cornwall’s VCSE clans to clarify what we’re doing, and what we need, in our response to our climate & ecological emergencies

This is our first chance to gather to look our biggest threat in the eye: our converging and increasing climate and ecological emergencies.

We feel that what we do in the VCSE sector across Cornwall is important. We work with the most vulnerable communities, peoples, landscapes and habitats.

We work long hours and for modest wages to do what we do, because we know it’s important. We spend our working and sometimes waking hours fixing and restoring and shoring up the broken-ness of our community and environmental systems – and we barely have time to wonder why so much around us is breaking.

What we face now will make everything we do more difficult. So we need to step up now and see the threat to our work, and those communities and habitats we work to protect and shore up; and we need to get in front of it. We have a lack of leadership at every level, and so need to occupy that space ourselves. No one leader is singing the crucial song of leadership and courage and hope we all need; the stage is empty. So let’s do what we do and take the lead on change.

Join us to clarify what we’re doing, what we could do more of, and how. And how – crucially – we can lead the way to enable everyone to do the same, and leave no-one and no-thing behind.

The link is below:

This event is another collaboration between Volunteer Cornwall and Cafe Disruptif. Join us. This isn’t about calling people out. It’s about calling people in. See you there.

For more info on Volunteer Cornwall and Cafe Disruptif:

		Cornwall VCSE Climate & Nature Emergency Action Session:Grabbing the Reins! image

		Cornwall VCSE Climate & Nature Emergency Action Session:Grabbing the Reins! image
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