Cornwall ‘Race Equality Coalition’ Inaugural Meeting : 17 Jun, ONLINE

June 17, 2021 | 6:00 pm

Dear Colleagues 

I would like to invite you to the inaugural meeting of Cornwall `Race Equality Coalition`. 

The Purpose: This forum is to challenge the inequalities in race that exist throughout the County that have not been authentically addressed. At Black Voices Cornwall we strongly feel that All Race Equalities should be engaging with organisations like Black Voices Cornwall who are an authentic voice to drive this agenda cause. 

The background: Just to be clear, this is a brand-new project bringing advocates and allies to the table. 

The ACTION: I think the way forward is for coalition of groups to work together and build relationships to meet the real goals for real people.  

Black Voices Cornwall prides itself on having positive outcomes which directly improve the lives and wellbeing of our Cornish residents. 

If this is something that you or your organisation believe you can support, then I would be happy to meet with you on the 17th June at 6pm Via zoom. 

At this meeting we will address how we will drive this agenda forward. 

For a more personal conversation, please do contact me on or  or on 07836 312000.

I will send a zoom invite closer to the date. 

Blessings and solidarity 

Beresford Lee on behalf of the Directors at Black Voices Cornwall. 

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