Cinnamon Connect Webinar: Feeding our Communities Now and Beyond Covid-19 : 16 Apr, ONLINE

April 16, 2020 | 11:00 am

The Covid-19 crisis has brought with it some huge challenges related to food poverty and the wider food economy. We’ve seen panic buying, a lack of online deliveries and, worst of all, the increasing demand for emergency food aid.

If you run a food project that has been affected by Covid-19 or you are interested in knowing how you can get involved in tackling food poverty both now and in the future then you need to join us on Thursday.

On Thursday 16 April at 11am Nick Amis will be joined by Fred Ratley of Thrive Together Birmingham, and Gareth Brown, who is Cinnamon’s Advisor Team Manager and also leads a local charity, Smethwick CAN, which runs a Foodbank, a Local Food Pantry, a Community Allotment and a Community Café.

Nick, Fred and Gareth will be discussing:

  • The current demand for emergency food aid.
  • What churches and food banks are doing in response to the current crisis.
  • How churches can develop a long-term strategy in relation to food poverty.

You can save a place on the webinar HERE

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