Carol Service of the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies : 16 Dec, Truro

December 16, 2021 | 7:00 pm 9:00 pm
Truro Cathedral, St Mary's St, Truro TR1 2AF

This year, with some dates slightly skewed by the intervention of Covid, Truro Cathedral will host a service featuring carols of St Ives, which celebrates 100 years of ‘Old Cornwall’ in St Ives and throughout Cornwall. 

Entry is Free

Choirmaster William Thomas said:

‘The tradition of carol choirs is a wonderful part of life in St Ives. We have many chapels and the church, and we each do things slightly differently, but our shared love of the Nativity story, and our strength as a community means that we all respect each other’s differences, and sing with our hearts. I have a knowledge handed down and gleaned, and I fell it is my task to share it, inspire the present and to enhance the future with the St Ives carols.’

Acting Dean, Very Reverend Alan Bashforth, said:

‘The cathedral sees many groups and ceremonial moments, and Christmas is a very special time for many people. It is wonderful to be able to bring the local carolling tradition into this place so that it can be shared by people from all over Cornwall in a very special and very Cornish moment. I used to be a Curate at St Ives and I can’t wait to hear those voices filling these gothic rafters.’

President of the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, Karin Easton, said:

‘It is the essence of what the Old Cornwall movement is about to bring people together and to share the delights and knowledge harboured in Cornish communities. The Movement is moving thorugh a period of celebrating centenaries – including the publication of ‘A Uniquely Cornish Concept – The story of the ‘Old Cornwall’ Movement’. St Ives was the first, and it is very fitting that it should lead this very singular community achievement’.

St Ives Cornwall Councillor, Andrew Mitchell, said:

‘I’m glad to be able to support this unique event. Its incredibly important for tomorrow’s Cornwall that all parts know all others, and can share in their delights and anxieties. Singing is such an uplifting thing to do, and Christmas is such a good time to do it. How wonderful to see my native town leading the way by taking over the Cathedral, if only for one not-so-silent night!’

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