Bring the tastelife course to your community : 19-21 Jun, ONLINE

June 19, 2020 June 21, 2020

Could you be the tastelife difference post COVID – when eating disorder sufferers will be even more in need of help?

As we inch towards the easing of lockdown, eating disorder sufferers and carers face even greater challenges. Could you be the post Covid difference by training as a tastelife Volunteer Course Leader, sponsored by your church  – live online through the marvel of Zoom Friday 19th – Sunday 21st June? 

The training is ideal for volunteers in churches wishing to enhance their community and ministry outreach to suffering individuals of all ages and backgrounds. is a Christian charity providing education and tools for recovery from all forms of eating disorders for sufferers and those who care.

Accredited by the University of Brighton REQ Award. More information on our website here. Get in touch now: 

Hear about the tastelife course and its impact:

I want to help. How do I get trained?

You are needed.

We meet so many people who are desperate for help, want to go on a tastelife course but as yet there is not one near them.

It is estimated that 4 million people in the UK have an eating disorder of some kind.*

The tastelife course is designed for sufferers of any eating disorder and/or friends and family. It is unique in bringing people together in this way. In a safe and accepting environment, group members are offered a toolkit for recovery and support.

2020 Covid response: join with us as we take the tastelife course online and offer UK wide support to even more people. All training included. 

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