Beyond Left and Right: Finding Consensus on Economic Inequality: Report Launch : 2 Dec, ONLINE

December 2, 2021 | 12:30 pm โ€“ 1:30 pm

Join Nick Spencer and Hannah Rich for the launch of Theos’ latest report: ‘Beyond Left and Right: Finding Consensus on Economic Inequality’

Inequality is one of the defining issues of our times, whether the health inequalities revealed by the pandemic or the geographical and economic forms of inequality at the heart of the Governmentโ€™s current levelling up agenda.

Economic inequality, both within countries and across the globe, and has gained political salience and public attention in recent years. However, measures to address it are often made difficult by the divisive and partisan nature of the problem, which hinders any consensus on how we ought to go about reducing inequality.

In this report, we contend that theology offers a different way of exploring excessive economic inequality, and can open up new avenues of consensus between political and social positions that have typically been at odds.

With the conversation around reducing excessive inequality polarised between political perspectives, at Theos, we are delighted to be launching a new report, Beyond Left and Right: Finding Consensus on Economic Inequality, exploring how to find consensus on this issue, and making suggestions on how to address the crisis.

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