Back to Pentecost : 28 May, national

May 28, 2023 | 3:00 pm

The Church in the Land stands at a crossroads. Do we sit and accept the status quo in society and across many churches or do we stand and push back the darkness??

We really need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our Isles!!

Since the beginning of this year, the National Day of Prayer and Worship in partnership with other prayer networks have called two national prayer and fasts for these Lands. We believe as a result, the Holy Spirit is stirring a greater level of unity and an Awakening.Pentecost, the Birthday of the church, was a public event. This wasn’t done behind locked doors. 

So in partnership with National prayer networks, Denominations and thousands of local churches, we are launching BACK TO PENTECOST.

The purpose of BACK OF PENTECOST is to trigger a spiritual climate change over our cities, towns and villages as we prepare the Land for widespread salvation of souls, reports of conversions to Jesus Christ and increased Church attendance.  We wish to repeat this again at Christmas on a wider and grander scale as a Witness that the Church in Ireland and the UK is Alive and a Light and to bring a ‘Christian Consciousness’ back to the Land

So how?

Christians of every stream, tradition and denomination across the British Isles are being invited to take part in a public Pentecost Flash mob.

The plans are for Christians to take part in Flash mobs at 3.00pm in the afternoon of Sunday 28th May in shopping malls, high streets, railways stations, town halls or key public places. 

All those taking part will sing the same song and pray the Lord’s Prayer AT THE SAME TIME (3:15pm) as a sign of unity.

These will take place across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and the Isles – TOGETHER!

Please don’t overthink it, join us today and tell every Christian you know. Can you imagine what will happen if the millions of Christians in these Lands UNITE AS ONE?

Register your interest today at or call/text 07429379777

Links and available resources

  • To watch the Zoom meeting on Thursday night where BACK TO PENTECOST was launched – please Click Here
  • To watch a one-minute video about BACK TO PENTECOST for use in churches and social media – Click Here to watch Click Here to download
  • To download the PowerPoint Presentation for use in your own Church – Click Here 
  • To download the Back to Pentecost Media Toolkit – Click Here
  • To sign up to be part of this ‘BACK TO PENTECOST’ journey, please visit:
  • To stand with us financially, please give here:
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