Thy Kingdom Come: The Upper Room

ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re very pleased to present to you the ‘Upper Room’. Inspired by the Upper Room in Acts 1 & 2, this is a 24/7 virtual prayer room, where your church can sign up and participate in continuous prayer from Ascension to Pentecost. This is a fresh and new way to pray Thy Kingdom Come this year!

Join the Upper Room here:

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Thy Kingdom Come Hymn 2020

We are so pleased to share with you the brand new anthem for this year’s Thy Kingdom Come – sung by worship leader, Pete James.
This song has been rewritten with fresh lyrics to encourage congregations around the world to pray Thy Kingdom Come during this time. We pray and hope this song is a blessing to churches in this season.

If you would like to download the official lyric video and get access to the score, please visit here:

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Thy Kingdom Come in Lockdown

Webinar explaining how churches, families and individual can get involved this year

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Cornwall Hugs Care Workers

Dear Cornwall Hugs friends, 

Thank you for your generous support for Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. Together we welcomed nearly 500 of those affected for respite in Cornwall. This was life-changing for many.  We want to let you know about a new project, in case you are able to share our news or support us in some way. 

Now in Covid-19 times, we’re using our systems to launch CORNWALL HUGS CARE WORKERS, specifically supporting Cornish Care Workers, who are some of the unseen heroes of the hour. We’re hoping for a real Dunkirk spirit to come to their rescue with temporary emergency accommodation. All over Cornwall, Care Workers are going to extreme measures to continue in their front-line jobs but avoid infecting vulnerable loved ones at home. They’re sleeping in tents, sheds and chairs in the Care Homes where they work. While there is budgetary provision for NHS staff, when they need to isolate, there is none for the 15,500+ working in the Social Care Sector. So we’ve created a new portal for empty holiday lets to register and Care Workers to signal their need. 

With the new project, accommodation providers can offer freely, at cost (cleaning, utilities) or for reduced rent. They can stipulate length and conditions. We will provide safety guidelines and as with Grenfell, they will always be able to decline a request. None of us know how the tourism industry will develop over the Summer, so this is key.  All registration is via the new portal . For those able to contribute a little to our ‘engine’ costs, we have a just giving page. This project needs separate funding to Grenfell, of course, so that will be a great help. Thank you! We know that times are tough and very much appreciate support of any kind. Please let us know what you think and do follow and share on social media @CornwallHugs. If you don’t want to be further contacted, do unsubscribe below. On the other hand, if you have ideas for how we can publicise or develop this, please let us know.

On behalf of Cornwall’s front-line Care Workers, thank you! 
Esmé and the tiny Cornwall Hugs Team.

Our thanks to @chrisyacoubianimages for his gift of photography for the project.    For more information or images please contact Esmé Page:

Logo kindly created for us by Cornish Bird in the Sticks who created our Cornwall Hugs Grenfell logo too. 
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Turbo-charged Social Prescribing

A FaithAction blog posted on by author Daniel Singleton

After the initial deluge of activity surrounding the UK government’s ‘lockdown’ in response to the coronavirus and the massive changes to life that incurred as a result, the attention of policy-makers has moved to the impact of the virus, the lockdown, and wider life around us. The great need to act and to achieve some impressive targets (such as the Nightingale hospitals to boost NHS capacity in a matter of weeks and the NHS volunteer responders appeal) at first overshadowed any long-term thinking. However, after the initial surge of emergency action, more long-term considerations are coming into play.


If we want a lasting positive impact to come of this crisis, we must act now! These connections, the human web of support and hope, both practical and social, need to be recorded and preserved.

At FaithAction, we have been eager to promote the role of faith groups as part of a ‘social prescribing’ solution. Social prescribing provides the solution to a social need without having to turn to a medical answer. The biggest issues we had encountered before Covid-19 were the gatekeeping role of the ‘prescriber’, — where they were not aware of being able to, or were not keen to, refer patients to non-medical services, — the lack of understanding of the faith groups offering solutions, and the difficulty of matching of need to solution. This remains an issue in the Covid-19 period as well.


The web of connections which has spontaneously come about, and which is still forming, is a precious thing. We know that faith groups are at the forefront of providing practical and emotional support in their communities, in many ways bypassing the usual referrers or ‘prescribers’. We need to record these links and preserve this web of human connection.


Faith-based social prescribing can be turbo-charged by the coronavirus crisis. Perhaps the greatest tribute to those we have lost and those who have made great sacrifice at this time is not a plaque, a special service, or a monument, but making the most of this opportunity to cultivate a vibrant community of kindness, sharing, and cooperation.

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Something is stirring in the UK – Pete Greig

Something is stirring in the UK.

There, I’ve said it.

I’ve hesitated to write this post. It’s probably premature. We’re still bang-slap in the middle of a vast crisis and no one really knows how it’s all going to end. But here’s the thing: over recent weeks, and particularly over this last week, prayers that some of us have been praying for decades, suddenly seem to be finding answers in the most unexpected ways. …Continue reading

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Rise in prayer and religious service attendance to be met with a step up in our witness

As Tearfund research reveals that the coronavirus crisis has stirred the faith of many Brits, are Christians in the UK tasked with an even greater mission?

John Coleby | Wednesday 06 May 2020

Many of us will have experience of how the pandemic and lockdown are having an impact on our faith, and that of those around us. Thanks to new research, however, we now also have more of a picture of what is happening across the country.

According to research launched by Tearfund, and conducted by Savanta ComRes, many in the UK are turning to prayer during the crisis. A third of UK adults (33 per cent) have prayed since the beginning of the pandemic. Of those surveyed, 30 per cent of 18 – 34 year olds pray regularly, compared to 25 per cent of over 55s. 

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Resources for churches from Christians Against Poverty

Empowering you and your church to effectively serve your community during this crisis.

Chances are, your church leader has never had to pastor a church through a pandemic before! That’s why we’ve thrown all our expertise into creating a brand new Church Resources page, and it’s free to access whether you’re a CAP church or not👏.

We’ve packed it full of practical information to help you support your local community and your congregation. And we’ll be updating with new things as they become available.

Pop over to to find out more about the plans, and tag your leader so they know this stuff available for them.

Churches are responding to COVID-19 with generosity, creativity and compassion and we’re committed to helping. Throughout this season we will be offering not only our own expertise in finance and supporting the vulnerable, but also providing guidance and signposting to other charities and organisations that we are currently working alongside who can offer other forms of specialist support. 

Our hope is that we can use some of our expertise in working alongside the poor and marginalised for almost 25 years to equip you and your church, as you continue to offer the hope of Jesus in your communities.

Resources include:

Specialist Support Signposting

Pathways out of Poverty

Church Leader Resources

Government and Industry Support

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Updated Guidance for Bell Ringers: 11 May

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has released a new summary of the current Church of England guidance and advice on chiming including the need for strict hand hygiene to bell ringers across the UK.

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The Filling Station Virtual Events Calendar

Missing the Filling Station? Join in virtual Filling Stations from around the country, listed on this page

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