Climate justice song launches on Racial Justice Sunday

February 12, 2024

Everything is yours

Singer/songwriter Jake Isaac has teamed up with Christian Aid to come up with the single Everything is Yours as part of an initiative, launching on Racial Justice Sunday, February 11 2024, to raise the profile of black Christians in the climate justice movement.

The organisation’s Black Majority Church Climate Action Group worked with Jake on the project in an innovative bid to create a rallying call within worship music for black Christians keen for their churches to take action on the climate crisis. The action group is made up of black theologians, faith leaders and activists from the UK and global south. It was formed after Christian Aid commissioned the Black Lives Matter Everywhere report, which highlighted how climate change, although something which affects everyone, is a deeply racialised phenomenon.

Jake said teaming up with the Christian Aid Climate Action Group was an honour: “Writing about justice should never go out of fashion! It was a total privilege to be asked to write this song.”

Richard Reddie, Director of Justice and Inclusion at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), said Racial Justice Sunday is the ideal occasion to launch a song addressing the importance of justice in the world: “There are inextricable links between ‘racial inequality’ and the ‘climate emergency’, and Jake Isaac’s powerful song calls for justice for those most affected by both. I hope Everything is Yours becomes a paean for our times; a worship song that urges all Christians to do the right thing on these justice-related matters.”

On Racial Justice Sunday, February 11 2024, Christian Aid is hoping as many congregations as possible will join in singing Everything is Yours to help start the conversation about black Christians taking their place in the campaign for climate justice.

For more details, please see the Christian Aid website.

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