2020 Vision Days at Treloyhan Manor in January / Feb

Treloyhan Manor Hotel, Carbis Bay, St Ives TR26 2AL

“Write down this vision and clearly inscribe it on tablets, so that a herald may run with it. For the vision awaits an appointed time;

it testifies of the end, and will not lie. Though it lingers, wait for it, since it will surely come and not delay.” Hab 2 v 2 & 3

These are an opportunity for Church Leadership teams to get away for a day to seek God and determine His vision for your expression of the local church and deal with church business in a quiet and non-pressured environment.

We can work with you to make sure you have an appropriate space for your team to think with tea, coffee and biscuits in morning and afternoon, along with a cooked lunch and exclusive use of a room for fellowship, prayer, worship and discussion together. We can offer groups of up to 10 people for just £250, larger groups and even residential time can also be arranged.

Email sales.treloyhan@christianguild.co.uk with details about your group to reserve your 2020 Vision Day.


Red Wednesday Prayer Service for Persecuted Christians

Organised by FPCT Justice & Peace Group

St Mary’s Church Falmouth 27th November 2019

Thank you to all those who attended the special ‘Red Wednesday’ service at St Mary’s to pray for persecuted Christians.

The response was good. 20 people participated. The service included an account of the Christian witness of a Syrian man who was detained at work and imprisoned, unable to get word to his family.

Prayers of Intercession were shared among the congregation.

A special thankyou to Rev. Ian Froom who introduced and read a Gospel passage and also concluded the service with a blessing for everyone present.

The congregation was invited to take home a homemade red paper decoration to hang up at Christmas as a symbolic reminder of our many suffering brothers and sisters.

£50 was donated which has been sent to help Syrian Refugees.

It is hoped that this ‘Red Wednesday’ Service will be an annual event in our FPCT calendar.

FaithAction Manifesto: The Desire for Decency

Our Manifesto – A Desire for Decency

Our Faith Manifesto contains five proposals aimed at politicians, policy makers and funders with the aim of securing stronger partnerships between government and faith groups.

  • Social prescribing must harness the energy of faith-based assets
  • Mind the gap!
  • Recognise the skills, experience and benefits of faith-based organisations and resource appropriately
  • Initiatives tackling loneliness should intentionally include faith
  • Uniting the UK: a priority for 2020
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Open Letter from Bishop Philip and Steve Wild

Bishop Philip and Steve Wild urge people to vote in general election – and consider what kind of Cornwall they want

The Bishop of Truro, Philip Mounstephen, has joined forces with his Methodist counterpart, Revd Steve Wild, to write an open letter to the people of Cornwall in the run-up to the General Election.

The letter urges everybody to exercise their right to vote, but also to consider how they vote in the context of what kind of Cornwall they want to see.

It says: “We believe that in this General Election it is vital that all of us, in Cornwall, seek together the common good in the spirit of ‘One and all’.”

The letter also urges people to consider how they, as followers of Jesus Christ, vote in the context of four key issues: truth, neighbourliness, the environment, and justice.

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The Bishop with a Plan: Interview with Bishop Mark O’Toole

Bishop Mark O’ Toole is the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Plymouth, covering the counties of Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset. In this diocese of 67 parishes, he has introduced new initiatives and evangelization projects which have been well received by the faith community. Join him as he shares his inspiration behind the new initiatives and how these things have affected the community of believers.

The Empty Chair

Churches Together in England statement on the Fourth Presidency

On 22 November 2019 Churches Together in England issued this statement on their decision not to allow their newly-appointed Fourth President, the Quaker Hannah Brock Womack, to take up the Presidency on grounds of her recent equal marriage. A statement from Quakers in Britain was issued simultaneously.

Hannah Brock Womack remains the fourth President but will not be able to take her place alongside the other CTE Presidents when they gather. The fourth chair will be left empty as a symbol of the work still to be done to find unity.

Quakers in Cornwall have issued the following statement in response:

The Empty Chair

Recently the decision of some member churches of Churches Together England (CTE) to not accept Quaker, Hannah Brock Womack as one of the six Presidents has caused great sadness and pain for Quakers.  The non-acceptance of Hannah as one of the 6 Presidents will result in an empty chair which has and will symbolise a dis-unity amongst member churches on the issue of same-sex marriage and human sexuality.

Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain, Paul Parker has said “This is a deeply sad decision.  Quakers in Britain value the fact that CTE seeks to encompass the wide diversity among Christians in England.  It is important to us that the Quaker voice is heard in discussions between Churches.”

Whilst acknowledging the pain and discomfort this has caused within CTE we, as Quakers are called to answer that of God in everyone. Paul Parker added “We recognise the inherent worth of each person.  That leads us to welcome all committed same-sex relationships as equally as committed opposite sex relationships.  We value equally all people, regardless of sexuality or other defining characteristics.  These characteristics are not the right way to decide if someone is to serve as our CTE President.”

It has been a long and difficult journey for Quakers to reach the present decision on same-sex marriage. In 1963, the booklet ‘Towards a Quaker View of Sex’ stated, “It is the nature and quality of a relationship that matters… the same criteria seem to us to apply whether a relationship is heterosexual or homosexual.” We believe that two hundred years from now, those who follow us will be equally astounded to discover that in the twenty-first century we had still to realise the full equality of lesbian and gay people.

In the Quaker book of Christian Discipline (Quaker Faith & Practice 27.12)  we  can all appreciate the words of Thomas Story who wrote this in 1737: “The unity of Christians never did nor ever will or can stand in uniformity of thought and opinion, but in Christian love only.”  We are committed to supporting diversity work among churches and faiths  so that ecumenical bodies reflect the real diversity in Churches in England.  We will continue to work with love alongside the delicate differences of Christian expression as witnessed here in Churches Together  in Cornwall.

Lesley Chandler (Quaker Denominational Ecumenical Officer, Churches Together in Cornwall).

The Religious Society of Friends, known informally as Quakers, is a member of three national bodies, namely ACTS: Action of Churches Together in Scotland, CTE: Churches Together in England and Cytûn: Eglywsi ynghyd yng Nghymru, Churches Together in Wales and of Churches Together in Britain & Ireland (CTBI).

John Wesley’s Manifesto

What issues did John Wesley care about and write about in the 18th century?

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World Compassion Champions needed

to support persecuted Christians

Become a Champion!
Inform : Pray : Action

Imagine feeling like you live on an island – cut off from other Christians around the world. Your friends persecuted, tortured, and killed for their faith in Jesus. Imagine your pastor threatened, your church raided by police and Bibles made illegal.
If you could do something to help Christians facing these risks, would you act now?
World Compassion is looking for Champions to stand with Christians in hostile nations. You can provide a Christian in Iran with a Bible, train a pastor in China, help Christians in Iraq, disciple a Christian in Myanmar or build a church in Cuba.
As a Champion, you can:

• Mobilise your church to Pray
• Organise events to raise awareness and funds
• Give directly either as an individual or a church
• Share regular news with your church about how they have helped Christians in hostile nations

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We need a home for 70 shoes – this week!

70 pairs of shoes were displayed on Truro’s Lemon Quay on World Mental Health Day (10 October).  They represented how many lives are lost to suicide in Cornwall each year.

The 70 pairs of shoes of all shapes and sizes represent the diversity of the people who die by suicide. Each pair was given an identity – husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, stranger and more.

Helen Lee-Savage (Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust Suicide Prevention Lead) and Darren Chaplin (Mental Health Lead at Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC)) wanted to create something visual to spark a conversation.  They also wanted something to represent the deaths in Cornwall every year. The display certainly attracted a lot of interest on the day.

Now that the event is over, there is a great opportunity for the display to be hosted somewhere in the county.  This is so that the conversation around suicide prevention and mental health support can continue.

We’re still looking for a home for the 70 shoes display. It’s currently being exhibited in New County Hall but we need to move them this week.

If you can host the display, or have somewhere dry they could be stored while we find the next host we would be very grateful.

If we don’t find a home for the display, they will be recycled.

Please email shevaughan.tolputt@cornwall.gov.uk if you are able to help.

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UK General Election 2019

Organising hustings?
Useful resources now available from the official website from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland for the 2019 General Election :

Resources provided by churches, Christian and other organisations for the 2019 General Election:


CAFOD provides suggested questions to ask candidates, plus advice on how to contact candidates, register to vote and find your polling station. CAFOD website


engaGE19, includes a tool to search your MPs voting record, a guide to running a hustings, briefings on family, life and justice issues, plus a hustings map. 

Christian Aid

Christian Aid has a manifesto (call to action) and a guide for the 2019 general electionCA website

Christians in Politics

In response to requests from Church leaders for inspiration on issues such as Brexit and politics, Christians in Politics has produced a Sunday morning package.

Churches in Ireland

Questions for canvassing politicians on housing and homelessness by the Irish Council of Churches and Irish Inter Church Meeting. Churches in Ireland

Cytûn (Churches Together in Wales)

Cytûn is listing hustings in Wales and has a guide to planning a hustings meeting. Cytûn website

Evangelical Alliance (EA)

Resources include a series of devotionals to help reflect and pray during the election campaign and a guide to organising an election hustings. EA website

Free Churches Group

The Free Churches Group has a briefing looking at issues related to education and the General Election.

Green Christian

Green Christian has produced questions to ask General Election candidates  on the climate emergency and the environment bill from the previous Parliament.

Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT)

A range of resources to offer ways to engage with the election, including a guide to hosting a hustings and policy briefings on key issues. JPIT website

Quakers in Britain

Sets out Quaker priorities for the election: climate crisis, migration, criminal justice, peace and disarmament, and nature of the debate. Quakers in BritainTearfund

Tearfund’s election guide  includes blogs, questions for candidates, advice on contacting candidates directly and attending hustings.

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Time to ‘leave our echo chambers’ and listen to others, say Archbishops in General Election message

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