Adventuring with God At Home


What were your plans for the summer? What are your plans now? Why not spend your holidays adventuring with God? We are setting sail on a cruise but there is plenty of hiking and climbing and of course a picnic too. This ‘Holiday at Home’ has been created by the Growing Faith team in the Diocese of Coventry (with many people contributing to it). We realise that many churches will not be able to run their normal holiday clubs this year and that creating something virtual or for the home can be a huge amount of work. Whether you are a church looking to run something or a family looking for a way to connect as a family, this has everything you need and is completely flexible to adapt.

This resource is free to use and to adapt.

Do send us photos, reflections and highlights because it would be lovely to see how your summer goes and what you do! The ‘Keep in touch’ page makes it very easy to contact us.

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