Webinar: Racial Justice in Church and Society : recording

Wednesday 10 February 2021, 7:30-8:30pm.

What does Racial Justice look like in Church and Society?

Watch again: this webinar streamed live on Wednesday 10 February 2021, discussed what steps need to be put in place to turn all the conversations we heard last year into palpable, significant action toward justice, equity and inclusion. It featured some of the keenest minds in our churches, exploring what racial justice looks like in Church and society.

It was shown in advance of Racial Justice Sunday (RJS) on Sunday 14 February. This is a day for everyone in British and Irish churches to Remember, Reflect and Respond to racial justice matters:

  • Remember the importance of racial justice.
  • Reflect on human diversity and thank God for it.
  • Respond by working to end injustice, racism and ignorance through prayer and action.
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