Volunteering Opportunities : UCB Prayerline

There is an opportunity for anyone called to prayer to have the enablement to serve a Nation from the comfort of his or her own home; offering just 2hrs per week fully trained and supported by UCB!

Prayerline is a ministry/service hosted by volunteers either …

·        Over the Phone

·        By Email

·        By Post (snail mail)

o   We are not a counselling or advice service we are primarily a prayer Ministry!

The official website is www.ucb.co.uk/pray  

The website explains in more detail, the role of a prayerline operator and how to get in touch.

To contact the prayerline service by phone the number is 01782 363000

The telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm and Saturday’s 10am to 6pm

Outside of these hours or whilst staffed by an operator a caller can leave a voicemail prayer request or via theUCB website using the email functionality24/7.

The Prayerline Ministry/Service as mentioned earlier, is not a ‘Counselling or Advice’ service but is wholeheartedly a Prayerline ministry where our motto states, we are here to be ‘Praying with you, Praying for you’ comes into play.

Linked below are two sheets. The first sheet talking about the Prayerline vision and what Prayerline is and, the second sheet is all about Prayerline Volunteering.

Calls continue to rise in the Prayerline ministry with an average of 400+ calls per day (often many more) overseen by just 126 faithful volunteers who provide us with 2 regular hours per week. The sheer nature of the calls have dramatically changed over the past couple of years meaning more time is being spent on individual calls. So, to support the expansion and the demand of the calls we are looking for volunteers who would be interested in this role. Do you have anyone you know who may be interested? Someone who may be looking for a new and fresh way to serve the Lord?

As a part of my position within Prayerline I am willing to chat with you further regarding this ministry and the opportunities that are available to be a part of the team. I am willing to present this ministry at a church, church service or event, to a church group or individual meetings and, being a part time preacher/lay preacher (more than 15yrs) I can bring a short message that leads seamlessly into the presentation for a service.  Free resources which include the new Evangelistic ‘Word for Today’ called ‘Just for You’ www.ucb.co.uk/justforyou and other prayerline resources are available at these visits. My time for a presentation carries no fee and includes all the relevant free resources mentioned above.

Please have a look at the two enclosed documents and feel free to contact me at United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) cfinnan@ucb.co.uk  for further information or chat about this ministry. Or simply email prayerlinerecruitment@ucb.co.uk

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