Uprooted: How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilisation in the Arab World Vanished Overnight, by Lyn Julius

Dr Russell Blacker (Caucus for the Persecuted Church) writes: I recently attended an amazing online presentation by Lyn Julius (historian and journalist in International Relations) about the history behind the forced displacement of 880,000 Jews from Arab lands (and Iran) before – during – and after 1948.

200,000 went to UK and USA – the rest went to what is now Israel effectively doubling the population overnight. 50% of Israelis are therefore from an Arab cultural background having lived for centuries in those countries. There are very close parallels with what has now happened to millions of Christians who have similarly been displaced from countries in the Middle East and North Africa.  

Her groundbreaking study – published as “Uprooted” and available from booksellers (ISBN:9781910383667) and on Kindle – fills important gaps and overturns some of the false narratives now circulating with the current Middle East conflict and which will help Christians towards a clearer understanding of what is a very complex topic.

Lyn has offered to do another online presentation for anyone in Cornwall who might be interested.

It lasts 1 hour – including Q&A.

If you would like to be part of this (and we need a quorum of at least 30 to make it worthwhile for her) please email ctcinfohub@gmail.com and we will let you kmow if it can be arranged – many thanks

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