Unless the Lord Builds the House: A five-week course on Christian faith and housing

Housing is a spiritual matter. It is about what Pope Francis calls our “human ecology” – the way our physical environment – whether urban, suburban, or rural – reflects and shapes our relationships with each other, and ultimately with God.

In 2019, the Archbishop of Canterbury launched his Commission on Housing, Church and Community, which has explored the contribution that Christians can make to tackling the housing crisis and why this is an integral part of the Church’s mission, rooted in a theological understanding of housing and community.

This five-week course – produced with the assistance of the Church of England and the Caritas Social Action Network – aims to engage a wide range of Christian congregations in community listening, prayer and theological reflection. It is built around the testimony of Christians like Lucy Achola and her parish in Manor Park and is designed to help people discern how to take action locally in the context of community listening, prayer and ecumenical collaboration.

The course guide is here

The videos which accompany the course are:

Week One – St George’s Stamford, here

Week Two – Two videos from the Catholic Parish of Manor Park, here and here

Week Three -Paul and Holly’s stories, here and here

Week Four – St George-in-the-East, here

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