Unity in Cornwall

Letter from Kathy Pope, CTC Co-ordinator, published in The Tablet, 19 January 2024

In his article “Days of hope” (13 January) Lord Harries predominantly focuses on doctrinal agreements and challenges in respect of the path towards Christian unity. Here in Cornwall we have needed to work rather differently. While we value the work of theologians at national and international levels, doctrinal deliberations, academic research and global dialogue, at a grassroots level we increase unity primarily through meeting, praying and serving together.

Many social action projects rely heavily on Christians for their support and functioning: our food banks, homelessness initiatives and charity shops, warm spaces, lunch clubs, community coffee mornings and more, all build social capital and contribute to inclusion, combating loneliness and supporting mental health. Equally, climate justice activism expresses our Christian recognition that the “earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.”

Out of this realisation we developed our Covenant, which recognises and give thanks for the unity we already share, and for the rich diversity and heritage that we enjoy here in Cornwall. We also confess that which still divides us and promise to commit and re-dedicate ourselves to share our gifts, serving the people and land of Cornwall, growing in Christ and therefore becoming better together. On 27 January Churches Together in Cornwall will hold a re-dedication event. As we gather, listen and worship we will re-dedicate ourselves to the unity for which Christ prayed.

Kathy Pope
Co-ordinator, Churches Together in Cornwall
St Austell

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