UK general election 2024: A guide for Catholic voters

With a UK general election having been called for July, politicians are looking for our votes – and will be listening to what voters want.

As Catholics, we have a responsibility to make sure political parties commit to tackle the injustices that affect our global family and to care for our common home.

Call for action at the election

Calling for action is a powerful way of showing how Catholics in constituencies around England and Wales expect politicians to commit to tackling poverty.

All of us can contact candidates standing for Parliament about the issues that matter most to us. We’ll be sharing information and tools for doing this as the election draws closer.

Download CAFOD’s election manifesto

A Year of Encounter: Calling for action with your parish

Resources to help you reach out to candidates

Supporter briefing – Aid and international development – GE2024

Supporter briefing – Business and human rights – GE2024

Supporter briefing – Climate change – GE2024Supporter briefing – Debt cancellation – GE2024

Supporter briefing – Food systems and seed sovereignty – GE2024

Supporter briefing – Building resilient communities and tackling regional inequalities – GE2024

Supporter briefing – Cost of living – GE2024Supporter briefing – Migration and asylum – GE2024

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