The State of Christian Organisations in the UK during Covid-19


During the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to understand what is happening, to keep informing the decision-makers and media about the situation on the ground. recently partnered with Eido to help understand identify the main needs and experiences of Faith-Based Organisations in the UK during Covid-19.

In this 1-hour webinar, we join Eido Research and and Stewart McCulloch (CEO of Stewardship), to talk through the key findings and discuss some of the best practices approaches to continually adapting to Covid-19. We answer three key questions:

1. How has Covid-19 impacted faith-based organisations in the UK?
2. How have faith-based organisations responded and adapted to Covid-19?
3. What are the main needs of faith-based organisations currently?

Watch the webinar and download the results of the research: 

Report Summary

In summary, this report has highlighted the challenges facing Christian organisations during the Covid-19 crisis. For the vast majority of organisations, the crisis has directly led to both an increase in demand for services and a decrease in available funds and staffing. There appear to be some slight differences between churches and Christian charities’ experience of these, and needs seem to be most severe in organisations outside of London.

Organisations have also made significant changes to their activities. 71% of churches and 50% of charities are delivering new services that they’ve not delivered before. This means that organisations are trying out and testing new approaches and methods to deliver positive outcomes. In some cases moving into areas of the community that they have never been active in before.

Christian organisations have many high priority needs right now, including prayer, funds, volunteering, support with technology, and support with communication. They also highlighted the value of encouragement and connection. Organisations want to be working in increased partnership with each other.

This report has been produced to add to the understanding of the needs of Christian organisations as a result of the crisis, and add momentum to providing effective support that meets the need. Please share it with others who may value reading it.

Please keep supporting your local Christian organisations and visit for practical ideas, or to donate through Stewardship.

Eido Research is looking to conduct further research in this area to more fully map and celebrate the Christian response to Covid-19. If you want to get involved in this, or other projects like this please get in touch with us at

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