The People’s Passion

An interactive act of Easter worship – an instant community passion play in which everyone can participate – with help from Riding Lights!

A resource from Riding Lights Theatre Company for Easter 2023


The event is a 45 minute play but with a twist – the congregation are the cast.

Your community gather in your church to bring the Easter story to life. A small group, assisted by a member of the Riding Lights team, lead everyone in a powerful act of theatre and worship, reading in chorus from one projected script to paint a vivid picture of Jesus’ last week before the crucifixion. There is music and some moments of reflection.

Apart from a few characters (including Jesus and a narrator), all the dialogue is read by the congregation. They are divided into six groups and together, reading from a projected script, they play all the characters, a chorus of voices in unison taking us from the noisy crowd cheering Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem, to Calvary and through the moving drama of the crucifixion.

What you need to provide
The main thing is a willing congregation. This is a special act of communal worship which relies on everyone having a go together.

The small team who lead the event will need to do some preparation in advance. There are four individual parts which are read from the front – Jesus, a Roman centurion, Mary, sister of Lazarus, and a narrator called The Evangelist. Jesus and the Evangelist are the more substantial parts. It’s a good idea for these four people to practice their parts together in advance. If you’d like to arrange a Zoom rehearsal, one of the Riding Lights team will be happy to work with you.

To host the event, you will need a projector and screen from which the congregation can read the script. You will also need a sound system through which the specially recorded music can be played. But if you would prefer to provide live music instead, you’re more than welcome to.

What the Riding Lights person will do
Your Riding Lights facilitator will be there to make sure your community gets the most out of the event. They will make sure your community performers are comfortable and confident to lead the piece, and that the tech is all working smoothly. They’ll run a mini rehearsal with the congregation for 10 minutes at the beginning of the event to get everyone warmed up and understand what they are about to do. They’ll even perform one of the roles in the piece if you need them to. They’re there to help.


The People’s Passion PLUS – from £250 plus VAT

This includes one of our team coming to help you run the event. They will help you prepare for the event and can meet with you by video call to walk you through the finer details. On the day, they’ll help with the set up and spend some time working with your community performers to ensure the best experience for everyone.

The People’s Passion DIY – £50

If you want to put the event on by yourself, you can buy a performance licence and physical pack for £50. With that you get the script, music, and a step-by-step guide on how to run the event. If you prefer a digital download this is available for £45.


The People’s Passion PLUS is available from Monday March 20 until Saturday April 8 2023. Please contact Chloe to discuss dates and book – email or call 01904 655317.

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