The importance of green thinking in Cornwall and the Big Green Fair

Cornwall probably has more environmentally conscious people and organisations per head of population or per square kilometre of land area than anywhere else in the country.

To be ‘green’ or ‘eco-conscious’ in Cornwall is to be by no means unusual locally, as anyone who has lived here any length of time can attest. Indeed, there are more ‘B-Corps’ (Benefit corporations; certified responsible businesses) in Cornwall than anywhere else of comparable size outside London.

As well as businesses there are charities, voluntary and faith groups of all sizes whose aim is to foster environmentally friendly living at all levels in our communities. Like so many other human activities, environmentally conscious living and working can be inspired and encouraged by talking, listening and networking among others with similar aims.

As part of its mission of ‘sacred space, common ground’ Truro Cathedral aims to foster networking and promotion opportunities for environmentally friendly organisations large and small, encouraging conversation and action.

The Big Green Fair being held at the cathedral on Saturday 4 March is the second of its kind here, following the success of the first event last year. We look forward to facilitating conversations once again and welcoming all to join us on this occasion.

Entry to all will be free on the day to visitors and further details and stall booking information can be found here.

Revd Elly Sheard

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