Refugee Sunday: Beyond the Welcome : 26 Jun

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Refugee Week is happening from 20th to 26th June, with Refugee Sunday on 26th June and we’ve got some great resources available to help your church get involved. Sign up now to get these today.

Beyond the Welcome

This year we are celebrating the incredible contribution that churches are making to welcome refugees as well as the impact that refugees and people seeking asylum are having on the church community that they are joining. Our Beyond the Welcome video shares the testimonies of some of our Welcome Network churches and looks at the incredible way they are changing lives. We would love for your church to show this on Refugee Sunday or during Refugee Week to encourage and inspire your church. Register now.

Children’s Resources

We know that sharing with our children about war, persecution and refugees can be a challenge. We have produced a great range of Biblically-based resources for your church to use on Refugee Sunday to help them understand the plight of refugees as well as what the Bible has to say about this tricky subject. Children aged 2-5 will explore Matthew 25:35 and how it feels to be welcomed as a stranger, 5-8 year olds will consider the story of the Good Samaritan and children aged 9+ will journey through the story of Ruth & Naomi. Each lesson plan includes games, activities and questions to consider.

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When we see so many flee: The Mercy Song

Welcome Churches’ Northern England Regional Coordinator, Emma Billington, has written a beautiful, prayerful song which we would invite you to sing and share in your church on Refugee Sunday. This poignant song reflects the struggles and challenges faced by many refugees and invites us to respond with Christ’s love and mercy to those in need of a Welcome.

This video is available to download here. We will also include this video along with resources that are ordered.

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