Red Wednesday Prayer Service for Persecuted Christians


Organised by FPCT Justice & Peace Group

St Mary’s Church Falmouth 27th November 2019

Thank you to all those who attended the special ‘Red Wednesday’ service at St Mary’s to pray for persecuted Christians.

The response was good. 20 people participated. The service included an account of the Christian witness of a Syrian man who was detained at work and imprisoned, unable to get word to his family.

Prayers of Intercession were shared among the congregation.

A special thankyou to Rev. Ian Froom who introduced and read a Gospel passage and also concluded the service with a blessing for everyone present.

The congregation was invited to take home a homemade red paper decoration to hang up at Christmas as a symbolic reminder of our many suffering brothers and sisters.

£50 was donated which has been sent to help Syrian Refugees.

It is hoped that this ‘Red Wednesday’ Service will be an annual event in our FPCT calendar.

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