Red Wednesday 2020

Around the world, Christians are being seized and unjustly detained. Leah, Patriarch Antonios, Bishop James and Maira, need our help. To put a spotlight on their cases, please will you:

Register to attend online the virtual Parliamentary Launch of ACNs ‘Set Your Captives Free’ Report detailing their plight. It takes place on Red Wednesday 25th November 2020, at 4.30pm. Book your place on Eventbrite

  • Contact your MP, asking them to attend online, the above ‘Set Your Captives Free’ event
  • Sign ACNs ‘Set your Captives Free’ petition, calling on Boris Johnson to demand that foreign governments release unjustly detained Christians, including those at acute risk of Covid-19 as a result of overcrowding in prisons etc
  • Contact your MP, asking them to sign the ACN ‘Set Your Captives Free’ letter to Boris Johnson, similarly calling for the release of unjustly detained Christians
  • Endorse the #RedWednesday campaign on Social Media using

#Red Wednesday


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