Pause for Prayer : July 2021

28 Jul 2021

A Prayer for a House of Healing

by Thomas Ken (1637-1711), Bishop of Bath and Wells. Apparently written for a healing place or hospital in those days:

O God, May the doors of our churches be wide enough

to receive all who come seeking God and fellowship.

May the doors of our churches be narrow enough

to shut out pettiness and pride, envy and enmity.

May the threshold of our churches be no stumbling block to young or frail feet.

May the threshold of our churches be too high to admit complacency and self-seeking.

May our churches be, for all who enter, a safe place and the doorway to a richer life in Christ


shared by St Just in Penwith Parish Church


21 Jul 2021

Lord of all,

We ask for your help and protection for your people in Germany and Belgium

Bring your comfort to those who are mourning,
your peace to those who are fearful,
and your practical help for those who need it:

Provide for those who are in immediate need of assistance, shelter and protection.

Bring support and care for those who are elderly, vulnerable or requiring extra help.

Strengthen and equip emergency services and those who are serving in practical ways.

Give abundant wisdom and discernment for those making important decisions: in governments, hospitals, and on the ground.

Empower your Church in these places to reach, serve and be your hands and feet in this place and in this time.

You are the God of miracles – we invite your supernatural power to provide solutions and transformation in this region today.


24-7 Prayer


14 Jul 2021

This Sea Sunday…


Protect me, O Lord,

my boat is so small

and your sea is so big.



07 Jul 2021

A prayer for opened eyes and increased outrage

in responding to human trafficking and modern day slavery

Lord Jesus, I said open my eyes – and you did
And now I almost wish I could un-pray that prayer,
Or look away, or simply shut them and forget.
But I can’t. And I won’t.

Lord Jesus, I want to speak up – but I don’t know how to start
And I wish I had more platforms and influence.
I’m tempted to wait till I have better knowledge.
But I can’t. And I won’t.

Lord Jesus, I have seen and heard.
And now I ask you to use me to speak up and reveal the truth
Until others cannot look away or deafen their ears, and we can’t settle.
And we won’t stay silent.
Until no one can be bought or sold any more.

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