Money Guiders England Network


The Money Guiders England Network is a free learning and development programme facilitated by Quaker Social Action, in partnership with the Money and Pensions Service.

It is open to organisations and individuals who give any level of unregulated money guidance as part of their support. 

People across the UK should be receiving good quality money guidance, regardless of where they go to get it. The Money Guiders England Network aims to improve the quality and increase the visibility of money guidance; ultimately enhancing the financial wellbeing of service users.

Why join the Money Guiders England Network?

This is your opportunity to join a supportive and growing community of money guidance professionals. 

The Network is free to join and open to all professionals whether they are paid staff or volunteers – welcoming representatives from all sectors delivering or considering delivering money guidance at any level.  

By joining the Network you will have access to: 

  • Training, events and resources organised by Quaker Social Action, influenced by you – these might include peer support sessions, monthly meetings, mentoring and newsletter bulletins
  • A competency framework and self-development tools to deliver guidance confidently
  • MaPs e-learning resources and a money guidance recognition award

Who is the Money Guiders England Network for?

You might be a front-line worker who delivers money guidance as part of your role, or a leader in an organisation that provides money guidance as part of its service and employs or manages Money Guiders. We are interested in hearing from you whatever your sector and job role – money mentors, social prescribers, housing associations, mental health services, voluntary and community organisations to name a few.

Read a case study about how Money Guiders England Network helps our members.

How to join 

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