Love Christmas: Love Falmouth

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Christmas is a season for kindness, a time to offer a fresh message of hope. But as we emerge from the Covid pandemic many people are still struggling with challenges such as poor health, financial worries and isolation.

Access to warm winter clothing, fresh food and Christmas celebrations is essential to health and wellbeing, but on average, three children from every primary school class will be deprived of these basics over the Christmas holidays*. That’s why last year we launched the No Child Without project, to ensure that no child in Falmouth & the surrounding areas went without a warm winter coat, access to fresh, nutritional food and celebrations at Christmas time.

This year we are joining forces with New Street Church and Falmouth Light and Life to go bigger and better for our community, by providing:

• A free Winter Coat pop-up ‘shop’

• Tailor-made Christmas fresh food parcels

• Bags of Kindness to our local community

This year, we are so excited to be part of the national Love Christmas campaign, sharing a million Bags of Kindness this Christmas.

Love Christmas is a project of Love Your Neighbour (, a growing network of over 2,300 churches and other organisations working in communities across the UK to bring people together to overcome pressing social challenges. Founded as a crisis response to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Love Your Neighbour operates in multiple towns and cities to see lives restored, communities rebuilt and to inspire a fresh movement of practical love for our neighbour.

In Falmouth we aim to distribute:

  • Family bags of activities and presents for low-income families,
  • Health & wellbeing bags for vulnerable women,
  • Thoughtful gift bags for elderly people living alone and
  • A Bag of Kindness to every class/tutor group, with a kindness-themed gift for every child and young person in Falmouth

This Christmas, we can all make a difference by reaching out and letting people know we are with them, and they are not alone. But these are ambitious targets and we need your help!

Use this page to contribute what you can to our Love Christmas campaign. Any amount, large or small, will help towards purchasing contents for the Bags and food parcels and will be so gratefully received!


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