Launceston: Pulse Bus Youth Project

For the last 10 years Oriel Ministries has been on mission across Devon and Cornwall to address the needs of our young people, giving them a sense of hope, purpose and self-worth. Continuing with this same mission, we are now launching a state-of-the-art mobile youth centre in the form of The Pulse Bus due to arrive 2021.

So often we meet young people who see the church as irrelevant – most don’t even have a concept of what it means to be a Christian or they will have a distorted view. Our vision for the Pulse Bus is to bridge that gap between young people and the church by partnering with local groups, authorities, churches and Christian organisations, aiming to reach our local young people in a new and fresh way.

In so many communities, due to a lack of funding, it can be hard to establish a permanent youth centre to cater for the needs of our young people meaning that they are often congregating out of boredom, causing disruption to the community and being an inconvenience to the police.

We are delighted that Plymouth City Bus have partnered with us on this project by donating a double-decker bus fresh from their fleet. What an amazing thing to do meaning this project has turned from a vision for the future, into a reality of today! It’s so encouraging to see businesses, churches and many others joining us as we launch this exciting new mission into our community.

Oriel Ministries, Southgate Technology Park, Pennygillam Ind Est, Launceston, PL15 7ED
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