Julia and Hans Rausing Launch £10 million Charity Survival Fund

New Charity Survival Fund launches to provide much needed funds to UK charities struggling with loss of income due to Covid-19.

The Charity Survival Fund has been set up in response to Julia and Hans’ ongoing concern about Covid-19’s economic impact on charities. This £10m Fund will provide core funding to help charities, especially small and medium sized, to offset lost income in the current financial year.

Who can apply

The fund is open to UK registered charities that:

  • Have a beneficial area within the UK
  • Actively operate across one of the three areas prioritised by The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust: Health and Wellbeing, Welfare and Education, Arts and Culture
  • Have annual income below £5m
  • Have lost (or are forecast to lose) income due to Covid-19
  • Have not already received Covid-19 related funding from The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

Grant sizes

Charities may apply for grants up to the maximum threshold indicated in the table, depending on their annual income.

Up to £20,000£5,000
£20,001 – £100,000£10,000
£100,001 – £250,000£50,000
£250,001 – £500,000£100,000
£500,001 – £5,000,000£250,000
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